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Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning)

Office Renovation Update (Demo & Planning) - Demo is well underway in my home office and Emmett has been tackling it most nights after work. I thought it would be fun to share an update, as things are progressing! At this stage in the process, we’re still doing a lot of planning, ordering, tackling demo, and are waiting for fixtures and supplies to arrive. Curious to see what my office looks like today? Remember- it always gets worse before it gets better. Click through for the latest renovation update!  Continue Reading

Kitchen Demo + A New Handy Tool -
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Kitchen Demo + A New Handy Tool

Last week I announced the next BIG project we’re tackling and everyone was really excited to hear it’s the kitchen. I’m right there with you!! We didn’t waste any time and got started on demo right away. Things are…

Kitchen Reno – Progress Update #4 -
interiors & styling

Kitchen Reno – Progress Update #4

I’m happy to report, the kitchen is really shaping up since my last update! There’s something about drywall that really makes a space feel like a room again. Exposed studs seem so scary and I’m glad to see things are all patched…