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The Story Behind My Dog Portraits + A Peek at Crosby’s

The Story Behind My Dog Portraits + A Peek at Crosby's - It’s funny- I get SO many questions and messages about my dog portraits. I’m pretty sure they were more popular than my actual One Room Challenge reveal- the laundry room. Ha! I really did enjoy painting them though and now they’ve become incredibly special and sentimental to me (remember this Domino article?)… especially after losing Finn, our giant schnauzer, last year. The portraits honestly stemmed as a result of poor planning on my part- a “happy accident”, if you will. I was in a time crunch for the ORC and the reveal date was rapidly approaching. I didn’t have art and needed something quirky, classical, and the right size to kick my laundry room up a notch. I hadn’t painted in years (since art school) and what started as a fast and “easy” idea to source artwork for my ORC space turned into something I’m really proud of and will never part with. Click through to hear more about the pieces, get a glimpse into my process, and see my newest portrait (Crosby!). Continue Reading