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Oversized Concrete Candle DIY

Oversized Concrete Candle DIY A few months ago, prior to styling and shooting the kitchen, I was out shopping for accessories & cookware when I stumbled across a giant cement citronella candle. I was on a mission and committed to finding everything on my list for the kitchen, but couldn’t get that candle out of my head. I considered going back for it the following day, but also didn’t want to spend $150 on a large outdoor candle after having just spent a hefty chunk of change on a brand new kitchen. Weeks later, I was still thinking about that silly candle and described it to Emmett during dinner. He has been asking me to dream up a concrete DIY for ages now, so he jumped at the opportunity to recreate the oversized candle I had previously described. Together, we brainstormed the project and here we are…¬†click through for the tutorial and save yourself a bunch of money! Continue Reading