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How BISSELL Changed The Way I Clean With Dogs

It’s safe to say, at this point (especially if you’re a longtime reader)–¬†everyone knows I’m a clean freak AND a dog lover. Those two things don’t exactly go hand-in-hand because pets tend to make a mess of your house- no matter how well behaved they are. From shedding, fur balls floating around, to the occasional accident, having a dog means additional cleaning and upkeep when it comes to your home. Obviously I have TWO dogs and like every other pet owner, I spend a ton of time picking up after them and cleaning to mitigate their effect on our home. My worst fear is that someone walks through our front door and automatically knows, “they have pets”. My ideal scenario is that a guest be totally surprised when they turn the corner to discover we have two (very adorable) dogs without knowing it beforehand, based on the hair they see or the odor they smell. I discovered a new product that makes cleaning up after the boys SO much easier and faster (and I’m not just saying that). Click through to learn about my new favorite tool in my cleaning closet, specifically designed for homes with pets. Continue Reading