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The Best Faux Trees, Garland, & Holiday Wreaths

The Best Faux Trees, Garland, & Holiday Wreaths - I’m considering pulling out my holiday decor this week because our house feels like a complete winter wonderland right now. We got a lot of snow while I was away over the weekend! We have about six inches on the ground, with more in the forecast this week. My girlfriends and I might’ve listened to some holiday music on our drive home from Sedona, as well. Haha! I know, I know- it’s EARLY, but I thought this post would be helpful for those of you looking for some good faux greenery, garland, wreaths, and Christmas trees. This will give you some time to order, if you’re in need of an upgrade. Emmett & I have really bad allergies and I struggle with the debris and needles that real trees and greenery bring into our home. While the tradition of a real tree is super fun, we’ve always opted for faux- it just fits our lifestyle and home best. We’ve had our faux tree for almost a decade and I decided this year, I wanted to try a different shape and mix things up. This led me down a rabbit hole of Christmas tree & greenery research (I scoured a LOT of reviews), that I thought would be helpful to share. A lot has changed and improved in the faux holiday plant market, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of beautiful (and affordable) options. Click through to check out the trees, garland, and wreaths that impressed me… and to see which tree we ended up with! Continue Reading