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One Last Kitchen Update

One Last Kitchen Update - Here is one last kitchen update before the big reveal! Our kitchen is currently covered in sawdust, dirty fingerprints, and tools, but to me- it’s a glorious sight. This is the part of the process where I start to get reallllllly excited. We’ve spent the last two weeks working really hard and turning a corner… installing cabinets, tiling, getting the countertops in, plumbing, and installing appliances. I feel like we’re finally on the homestretch of our kitchen renovation! Click through for a little progress report… Continue Reading

A Peek At Our Cabinetry Installation Process -
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A Peek At Our Cabinetry Installation Process

Happy Friday, friends. I promised a kitchen update and this is a BIG one! Things are looking a lot different, right?! Click through for the latest kitchen update, a video, and a peek into our cabinetry installation process. This…