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Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan

Powder Bath Makeover Design Plan - I know it probably feels like we have a million bath projects going on right now (and we kind of do), so I figured a blog post was probably a good idea to add some separation and differentiate the powder bath makeover from the basement bathroom renovation. First I wanted to explain my thought process behind using the words “makeover” and “renovation”. A renovation, in my mind, is a full scale remodel for a room- ripping out walls, totally transforming a space with new materials. Whereas a makeover, in my mind, is more of a room refresh– easy updates, cosmetic fixes, styling, keeping it quick and budget-friendly. I’d consider our kitchen to be a “renovation”, and our laundry room to be more of a “makeover”, or short-term solution. Now that we’re on the same page… the powder room is definitely a makeover. Since it’s actually attached to the laundry room, I’m going to be using similar, cohesive treatments… and once again, I’m keeping it quick, simple, and budget-friendly. Click through to see the before images, what I’ve accomplished so far, and what you can expect to see once my little makeover is complete (including the design plan)Continue Reading