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Essential Oils

After listening to friends and family rave about essential oils, I finally jumped on board and decided to give them a try. I assumed it was just another fad that would quickly pass, but after investigating further, I learned it’s a healthy lifestyle change that I should’ve tried long ago. They’ve even made their way into my bag as everyday staples:


Sources: Thieves Sanitizer / Perfume / Sunglasses / Lip Balm / Hair Tie or Headband (similar)

Of course before I committed to testing oils, I did my homework. I’ve come to find there’s an essential oil that can help just about anything. They’re derived from plants and combat an extensive amount of heath issues, such as: allergies, fevers, earaches, headaches, insomnia, inflammation and so much more. It’s way healthier than over-the-counter items people typically stock in their medicine cabinets. Continue Reading