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Best of Etsy : Bookends

Best of Etsy : Bookends - You guys are in for a real treat! This is my favorite ‘Best of Etsy‘ I’ve drafted so far and it’s packed to the brim with vintage bookends! Here’s the thing… I see a TON of shelf styling and there is one scenario that drives me bonkers: shelves that don’t contain books. WHYYYYY?! Just why? It doesn’t make a ton of sense, even from a styling perspective, in my brain. It’s really a pet peeve of mine. Books add warmth, texture, balance, and after all- BOOKshelves were made for books. It’s only natural to have at least a few books styled in. That leads me to my next point- if you have books, you need bookends. Click through for the best vintage roundup I’ve ever done and snag some of these before they’re gone! I promise- there are so many good ones.  Continue Reading