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Noteworthy - Hi friends! Happy Monday. It’s a new week and I’m very excited to be back on the blog. Noteworthy posts are where I keep it the realest of real. This blog has always been my safe space to share and the cornerstone of my business I feel most comfortable at. This post is a bit different than most. While I’m still sharing links, things I love, and updates… I also wanted to discuss some major takeaways and plans that came from that last week, and believe me when I say- I learned A LOT. I tried to be a sponge, step away from work, absorb as much information as possible, and put a plan into action to do a better job at being inclusive and diverse in the posts I share. Click through for a long, heartfelt, honest post before we officially kick off another week of design on Room for Tuesday (lots of fun projects ahead, BTW… including our dining set makeover tomorrow)!

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