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Black Designers I Enjoy Following & Supporting

Design, home interiors, and renovating is my thing. It has always been my niche and area of expertise. It’s also my business, my passion, and why I love sharing on the blog with you all five days a week! I know that is why 99% of you follow along, show up to read the blog, and choose to comment or engage. I get that you come here for interior inspiration, and I LOVE that because it’s why I post in the first place. While I’ve been donating, educating myself, and being proactive to assist in bringing equality, love, and justice to my friends of color, I wanted to think of design related posts that felt applicable and relevant here on the blog during this time. We’re all here for design and there is an insane amount of talent and inspiration to be found in the black community. I shared a list over the weekend on Instagram and it was well received, so I figured expanding with a blog post made more sense and would be a permanent resource for everyone! If you’re into interiors and design, click through for 25 black designers I really enjoy following. This post is a long one, but a good one packed with inspiration! Continue Reading