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My Go-To Formula for Styling a Bed

My Go-To Formula for Styling a Bed - Hello, hello. How was your weekend? I hope your day is off to a good start! Today I’m sharing another post that many of you continue to ask about- I honestly just haven’t had time to shoot and share until now… my go-to formula for styling a bed. Yes, I make our bed every single day. It makes me happy, it makes things feel put together, and it’s a routine I’ve continued since I was a kid and my parents made me do it. Ha! Whether its the bed in our primary bedroom that we sleep in every night, or a guest room– my formula pretty much stays the same… give or take a couple textiles. My preference is to keep things quick, easy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. I’m not one to include too many pillows (which is Emmett’s pet peeve), but I still like to have options and give a couple choices to house guests. I’m breaking it all down in this post! Click through if you’d like to see my process… Continue Reading