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Roundup : Waste Baskets

Roundup : Waste Baskets - I’ve had an odd design topic on my mind for the past week… really, ever since moving into our new home. I’ve never had to think about more than one bathroom, and we already have two separate sets of house guests scheduled to arrive before Christmas. That led me to frantically dressing the bathrooms in preparation for company. You know- shower curtains, toilet paper, towels, bath mats, waste baskets, the works. I had enough extra everything EXCEPT waste baskets. I have one lonely bathroom trash can from our previous bath (pictured above) that certainly can’t be in multiple places at the same time. This isn’t Harry Potter’s waste basket, after all. It led me down a shopping rabbit hole for waste baskets. I realized these pesky and necessary bath accessories are more difficult to source than expected. I ended up saving a bunch before making the purchases and thought I’d share my top choices with you- click through to check them out (and to see which ones I bought)! Continue Reading