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DIY Heated Floor Tile

DIY Heated Floor Tile - Guess what?! The basement bathroom is really taking shape and the heated floor tile is finished (one family member is already a fan… ahem, Cash)! We just wrapped up grouting yesterday and it looks amazing. I’m very happy with how the flooring turned out. I was pretty surprised to receive so many Instagram messages from you guys telling me how easy we made this project look. Well, the truth is- it doesn’t just “look” easy- it’s actually a pretty simple DIY. If you’re installing floor tile, it’s really only a couple added steps to get a heated floor. Given we have 20+ inches of snow on the ground right now, and the bathroom is in the cold basement, I know Emmett and I (as well as our house guests) will be using this cozy feature often. As promised, I’m breaking down a very detailed tutorial in this blog post. Click through to learn how to install your own heated floor tile! I promise it’s easy. Continue Reading