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Our Basement Bathroom Design Plan & Before Images

Our Basement Bathroom Design Plan & Before Images - Guys… I’m sorry, but I’ve been holding out on you. I designed our basement bathroom (surprise!!!), have started ordering renovation materials, and that is going to be our next big project. I know- I know what you’re thinking… the formal living room isn’t even finished (aka- you must be crazy)! Well, you’re not exactly wrong. Here’s how this entire situation played out: we thought the living room would be finished weeks ago for the One Room Challenge, the basement bathroom started having plumbing issues that needed resolved ASAP and Lowe’s asked us to partner once again, so naturally- we got excited, planned ahead, committed, and decided to do it big! The living room is on the home stretch and *as soon* as it’s finished, we’re diving into the basement bath next. Emmett and I are both very excited about this one! Click through to see the before images, the design plan, and more details on why this space had to suddenly come next in the renovation line up… Continue Reading