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Mini Fruit (Pizza) Cookies

Mini Fruit (Pizza) Cookies - If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you probably already know that Emmett and I have been together since we were teenagers. Even during our high school years… each summer, he’d ask me to make fruit pizzas. It’s kind of our festive summer / 4th of July tradition! Here’s the thing though- although delicious… fruit pizza isn’t very convenient or practical. It doesn’t travel well because it’s the size of a pizza, it’s hard to bake a giant sugar cookie crust evenly, and it’s messy to eat because the slices crumble when you pick it up. I switched things up a few years ago and started making “mini fruit pizzas”, and Emmett totally called me out. He said, “sooooo it’s basically a cookie, then?” Ummmm, yeah- I guess? Regardless- they’re delicious, quick & easy to make, travel to barbecues easily, are fun to decorate, and are basically the perfect festive summer treat. Click through for my recipe! Mini fruit pizza cookies > giant fruit pizza. Who is with me?! Continue Reading

4th of July Barbecue -
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4th of July Backyard Barbecue

Emmett and I are celebrating 4th of July with our family this year and all of our friends are traveling to different parts of the country for the holiday. We decided to have everyone over in advance, to celebrate…