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Kitchen Design : Panel Ready Appliances

Kitchen Design : Panel Ready Appliances - A reader sent me a message last weekend asking if I had any blog posts that explain or share information on “panel ready” appliances in regards to kitchen design. I immediately went to look for links to share and couldn’t believe I’ve never talked about this subject on the blog before… especially given the popularity of panel ready appliances these days! How do I not have a blog post solely devoted to this topic? Since this is a common question, I wanted to put together a helpful resource for you. If you’re planning to design a kitchen in the future, this post is a good one to pin and save!¬†Because I’ve lived with panel ready appliances for years and have designed my fair share of kitchens (for both myself and clients), I think I can help answer some of your appliance questions. I’m often asked why we don’t have a dishwasher, or where our fridge is located. Of course we have both of these modern day appliances in our kitchen, but they do blend nicely with our cabinetry and can be difficult to spy- especially if you’re new to learning about panel ready appliances. I’m breaking down everything you need to know about designing, specifying, and installing panel ready appliances in this post. I’m also shedding light on cost, custom cabinetry, and when to use these types of appliances- plus, I’ve got a Q&A for you. Click through!¬† Continue Reading

Room for Tuesday Kitchen Reveal -
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Our Kitchen Reveal

Thanks for being here for my “Posts from the Past” week! All five posts I’ll be sharing this week are ones I’m really proud of… from room reveals to DIY projects, I hope you still love these old projects…

10 Pins : Kitchen Edition -
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10 Pins : Kitchen Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This is a really fun 10 Pins post, because it’s a special kitchen edition! I decided to bring you my favorite kitchen pins floating around Pinterest this month, and believe me when I say they are…

10 Ways to Save Money on Major Home Buys -
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10 Ways to Save Money on Major Home Buys

This post was another reader suggestion. I absolutely LOVE when you guys send over great ideas that are helpful for me to share with everyone… keep them coming, please! Renovations and home improvement can get expensive quickly. Luckily, there…