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10 Posts for Those Who Love Vintage & Thrifting

10 Posts for Those Who Love Vintage & Thrifting - Remember the vintage art that was supposed to be for the Tuesday Made shop, but I ended up keeping for myself? It has a lovely new home in our basement bath! Growing up, I had two dogs that looked exactly like the pair in the painting. Sky & Rusty (mother & daughter) were my dad’s beloved English setters. In addition to being skilled hunters for quail, pheasant, and grouse, these two were our affectionate family pets. I have such fond memories of those dogs, when I stumbled across this piece of vintage art, I knew I couldn’t let it go. The resemblance was uncanny and it felt like a personal, special work that belonged in our home as a reminder of my childhood pets. My mom, who is here visiting this week, also commented on the crazy art resemblance in our basement bath, without me having to point it out. That said, it got me thinking about all of the fun and passionate posts I’ve shared about vintage, antiques, and thrifting over the years. There are a LOT. I figured an itemized list of my favorite posts might be helpful for those who missed them the first time around. These posts from the archives are worth revisiting! They include good stories, tips, roundups, and all things vintage. Click through to check them out… and to get a closer look at my newest (old) painting!  Continue Reading