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An Antique Addition for My Home Office

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - This is a fun and exciting post, my friends. If you love vintage and good stories, you’re going to enjoy this one! Peggi tipped me off that there was a beautiful barley twist desk for sale in her Facebook Marketplace area. Although I already have a desk for my home office, you know my preference is always antique or vintage. I was intrigued, checked out the listing, and discovered the desk would be the perfect size for my space. The only problem? It was five and a half hours away in Boise. I somehow convinced Emmett that the stars aligned and this desk was meant to live in our home (not an easy job). If you want to hear the story, see more of my latest FBMP find & my plans for it, click on through! PS: please excuse my phone images, and photos pulled from the Facebook listing throughout this post- they’re not the best, but you’ll get the point! Continue Reading