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My Best Amazon Resources

My Best Amazon Resources - Happy Tuesday! I hope your day is off to a good start. Today’s blog post is kind of a house keeping post. I hope it’s evident, but I try really hard to make the blog and my channels an easy-to-navigate place that provides helpful resources, information, product links, tutorials, and home sources. Back in January, I made it a goal this year to update everything on weekly or monthly basis for you… including my Amazon shop! When I say shop, it’s not an actual “shop” (like I would consider Tuesday Made)– but rather a collection of my favorite things and items we’ve used and loved. From furniture & decor to design books & DIY supplies… and even travel items & gear, it’s a place where I save the good stuff, things I’d like to try, and good deals. I’ve never shared my Amazon storefront here on the blog, so I figured it was time and a good reminder… if you’re ever looking for something, be sure to check there for inspiration and sources! Click through for a fun visual list, and a permanent resource for me to keep here on the blog, if you ever want to revisit.  Continue Reading