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A Day In The Life Of – HomeGoods Shopping

A Day In The Life Of - HomeGoods Shopping - It has been a long while since I’ve shared “A Day In the Life Of” post, so I figured it was time. While I was in Arizona making over Laurie Anne’s bedroom, we ran to her local HomeGoods for last minute accessories. We walk inside and she informs me she has NEVER been to a HomeGoods. Of course my jaw drops to the ground because it’s pretty close to her house and I assumed everyone knows and shops the treasures of HomeGoods, but apparently she had yet to discover it. Ha! All of that to say, we were in a time crunch, grabbed things for her bedroom makeover, and it left me wondering how my local store looked. I came home and made a trip to check things out and score some treasures for upcoming projects. Want to see what I found? Click through for an iPhone style post and follow me around the store! If you need white towels (pictured above), they’re always my go-to. Continue Reading

A Day In The Life Of - Renovating :

A Day In The Life Of – Renovating

Per your request, I’m continuing the “A Day in the Life Of” series! As I mentioned in the video Q&A last week, Emmett and I don’t renovate full time… we typically work on our house in the evenings and…

Working from Home : Challenges & Solutions -

Working from Home : Challenges & Solutions

This is still something I’m perfecting, but I’ve had lots of requests to post about this particular topic. Working from home certainly has many benefits, but along with the perks come a lot of obstacles and challenges. I wanted…