Spring 2016 Pattern Forecasting

Lavender Purple Bedroom

Everyone is eager to transition their homes towards warmer months into summer. It’s time once again to trade out neutrals and heavy fabrics for lighter, brighter, and colorful textiles. Each season, I like to predict which patterns and colors will become the most sought after.

Right now it’s obvious that mud cloth, shibori, and batik are having a major moment. I don’t expect them to go anywhere anytime soon. Of course there will always be the classic patterns that remain staples- the ones that go and come back with time. This season, here’s what I’m looking forward to experimenting with…

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Lavender

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Gray

Gray Bedding

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Green

Green Sofa

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Coral

Coral Kitchen

Spring Pattern Forecasting: High Contrast

Black and White High Contrast Pattern

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Blush & Pink

Blush Pink Chairs

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Citrine

Citrine Sofa in Study

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Greige

Greg Living Room

Spring Pattern Forecasting: Blue & Indigo

Blue Pillows in Bamboo Chair

Just think of the upholstery options and imagine the pillows and throws you could have in these pretty patterns! Which colors and patterns are you most attracted to?

image sources: lavender // gray // green // coral // high contrast // blush & pink // citrine // greige // blue & indigo

*As seen on the Interior Collective.

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  1. Can you tell me where I can find the purple and blue ikat fabric (the top middle one)?