Small Business Spotlight : Stoffer Home

Small Business Spotlight : Stoffer Home -
image : stoffer home

It’s time for a new Small Business Spotlight! I love this series and think it’s more important now than ever to support small businesses. A relatively new shop I’ve been admiring is Stoffer Home. Have you guys heard of it? The brilliant mother / daughter design duo, Jean Stoffer & Grace Start, started this company for home goods, lighting, furniture, and gifts. I’m already a fan! Click through to see my finds and to see what I bought for my house.

I especially love the selection of kitchen items from Stoffer Home. They carry ordinary and functional kitchen products that are actually aesthetically pleasing. From dish brushes and soap to wood pedestals that corral your spices and oils, there are some seriously beautiful and affordable options on their site, if you’re craving pretty kitchen organization.

Small Business Spotlight : Stoffer Home -
image : stoffer home

Ready to see my finds from Stoffer Home? Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: gold measuring spoons // 02: wood pedestal // 03: french drinking glasses // 04: industrial pendant light // 05: stoneware creamer // 06: striped linen kitchen towel // 07: brush set // 08: spoon rest // 09: velvet bed pillow // 10: gilded martini table // 11: saucepan brush // 12: antique wood pedestal // 13: vase with handles // 14: juniper velvet pillow // 15: linen duvet set // 16: arrow pillow // 17: bordeaux bowl // 18: gray notebook // 19: greenwich sconce

I’m digging SO many things in this roundup, but I tried to stick to a budget while snagging some things for our home. I ended up buying a couple striped linen kitchen towels (#6), the spoon rest (#8), and the cute little vase (#13). I think #17 would make a beautiful produce bowl for the countertop! I also own the gray notebook (#18), and it’s very pretty and functional in person… I use it every day. Once my items arrive, I’ll be sure to show you how I style and use them.

Small Business Spotlight : Stoffer Home -
image : stoffer home

They also have a wonderful lighting section, if you’re updating and replacing fixtures. I’m on the hunt for a flush mount right now, and I’m 90% sure I’ll save up and order this one. The sconces, pictured above, are another one of my favorites they carry!

Small Business Spotlight : Stoffer Home -
image : stoffer home

If you like a fuss-free bed and don’t like a ton of pillows (or don’t have the time to style it everyday), I always recommend finishing the bed making process with an extra long lumbar pillow. They have a bunch to choose from in different colors, patterns, and materials. These are SO easy, effortless, and really pull together the bed vignette, making it feel tailored, yet casual. In fact, Emmett prefers this look (typical husband against throw pillows), so we have a couple of these on the beds in our home.

Small Business Spotlight : Stoffer Home -
image : stoffer home

If I didn’t already have a pedestal on the countertop by my range, I would totally snag the round one pictured above for our kitchen! I like everything to have a place, and if you prefer to leave spices, oils, and small ingredients out on the counter, I highly recommend corralling them in a tray or on a pedestal. It looks so much neater!

I’d love to hear your favorites from Stoffer Home. Keep the small business recs coming! I’d like them to be relevant to interiors and design, for the sake of the blog… but I’m all ears and am interested to hear if you have any new favorites. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Love, love, love Stoffer Home! Their kitchens are the dreamiest! I knew they sold homewares but had never spent any time on their site. What a beautiful selection! All of the wood, marble and stoneware kitchen items are stunning. And their lighting section is vast! I love that flush mount you’re eyeing! Are you thinking dining room? #nosy I admire how you are spotlighting small businesses. Although I am not always in the market for goods, I enjoy finding new, interesting sources and keeping them in my back pocket for future reference.
    We had a fair amount of rain last night, so today might entail some more weeding. You seem to have your hands full with that backyard grading project! Happy (muddy?) Thursday!

    1. Their kitchens are truly incredible!! They definitely know what they’re doing, and have a beautiful selection of goods on their site. I was actually thinking of that flush mount for the basement landing. Our staircase turns at a landing before ending into the basement, and I bought a cheapie flush mount to replace a boob light. Emmett is NOT happy about it. He’s begging me to find a better one (in terms of functionality and looks). It keeps shorting out. Anyway- I feel like in an empty, boring space… that fixture would be a really pretty sculptural piece to add interest. I totally agree with you… while we may not have a need or things we’re currently shopping for- it’s always nice to have the resources in our back pocket. Even following on social media and spreading the word can really help small businesses at this time- so that’s my goal with this series :) Spreading the word and sharing valuable resources.

      Happy weeding today. It’s actually raining off and on here today. The backyard is indeed getting muddy and gross. We’re picking up our sod on Friday, and we’ve been taking the dogs out on a leash in the front yard in the meantime (they’re not happy). It has kind of been a pain, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I can handle a few days of this. This is actually the first time it has rained and our patio hasn’t flooded since we’ve lived here- so grading the yard is already a win! We gained some grass and green space for the dogs too… so they’ll be happy about that once it’s all finished! Have a great day! xo

  2. Ooh, great pick! I actually just recently found Stoffer Home and bought a pretty little planter ( a few weeks ago. They have such a lovely collection! My favorites from the roundup are the wooden pedestals, the cocktail table, and the stone bowl. I also love the idea of an extra-long lumbar pillow on the bed. I’ve been seeing this trend for awhile now, and love how effortlessly polished it looks. Happy Friday Eve! :)

    1. How did I miss that one?! It’s beautiful, Julie! I love all of your picks. I think I may have to order one of those long lumbars for our master bedroom. Emmett is getting annoyed with my three throw pillows. Haha! It really does look effortless, yet polished. Now to decide on what color / pattern. That’s the tricky party. Have a wonderful Thursday :) xo

  3. Hello martini table! #7 is ideal especially now with needing to wash hands. Love the long lumbar pillows. They have so many nice accessories and mix of items.
    Enjoyed your picks. Have a great day Sarah. I am off to power wash outside.

    1. Isn’t that so beautiful?! I actually ordered some hand soap from Stoffer Home, too… but didn’t include that in the roundup. I’ll do an unboxing once everything arrives. Happy power washing today, Danna! That is one of my favorite chores because it is SO rewarding to watch all of the gunk and dirt melt away. Enjoy :)

  4. So good!! Thanks for featuring them! I have never heard of them before and after seeing the roundup I had a bit of a shopping break! I’m in love with the pedestals, and really craving a counter cleanup soon; accessories are definitive motivation. Ha! I think the brushes are a super cute addition to any kitchen and also one of those items that stylishly suits it’s purpose; that’s a big yes please over here! I’m definitely keeping this shop in my pocket when it comes time to style some refreshed spaces! It seems my list of “top pocket finds” (anyone else watching “The Curse of Oak Island”?? Just me…ok) is growing by the day! Yesterday I jumped down an art rabbit hole for about two hours thanks to CLJ🤣! The post lights arrived late yesterday afternoon in all their matte black magnificence, and I am head over heels for them; I can’t wait to see the view change once they’re up! The old ones have been removed and it’s already 100% better! THE PALM TREES ARE GONE!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! Our side patio looks about 3x larger now, so my fears about the pergola dwarfing the patio were completely unsustained. *sigh of relief* It was super satisfying watching those things fall…and I have zero regrets! With all the backyard happenings we’ve had some very curious horses hanging around the fence, and today we’ll treat them to more apples if we can…at a standstill until Jeff is home from an install that took him to Irvine. Womp womp womp!! For now house cleaning is underway!! Have a happy Thursday friends…the sunshine is glorious!

    1. I spent the better half of today organizing our kitchen and cleaning out the fridge. Look for that post tomorrow! I feel so much better and lighter after that. I’m happy to introduce you to a new, cool company! I love hearing that. Now you’ll have another resource when the time comes to snag something for your house :) YAY FOR THE PALM TREE REMOVAL. Really glad to hear it went well and your patio looks larger now. That’s going to be such a nice update. Enjoy time with the horses- I’m a little jealous about that. Also- soak up some sunshine for me… it’s rainy and dreary here. xo

  5. Oh my goodness! That’s my handmade soap in the one photo of the sink with the wood dish. RB Soap Co. is my company and Stoffer is the only place I have a wholesale account (I live in Grand Rapids). What a treat to see my product in this beautiful blog post! Thanks for including me!

    1. It is?! I love hearing that, Rhiannon! :) It’s beautiful and looks amazing.