Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comSerena & Lily is one of those brands I shop often and love working with because I can always attest to the incredible quality and classic nature of their home items. Anytime I order something from them I know it’s going to be well constructed of nice materials and will be something I love for years to come. They reached out and asked if I wanted to share some of my favorite things from their shop that I’ve lived with for over three months, and of course my answer was yes! I decided to take it up a notch and share 10 tried & true favorite items that have lived (and we’ve loved) in our house for over a year! I also recently purchased a few new items, so I snuck those into the post for you to peak at as well. They should be arriving to me soon and I’ll be sure to share! Click through to check out some of my personal favorite home staples from one of my favorite resources, Serena & Lily… 

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Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comWhen shopping for bedding, Serena & Lily is one of the first places I turn. Our guest bed is decked out with their beautiful sheet set, coverlet, and duvet. This bed has been styled like this for a couple of years and our friends & family who have slept in this room have all asked where to find the bedding because it’s so comfortable and nice. I also love the way it looks!

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to bedding, I also enjoy perusing their decor section. I ended up with this heavy duty laundry basket a couple years ago and have been using it since. It’s durable, a nice large size, and the wooden handle shape is so interesting. I like the geometric aesthetic.

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comYou’ll probably recognize lots of S&L pillows throughout our home… mostly in our outdoor areas. I’ve had these striped tassel pillows for over four years and they’re still holding up nicely. I just pulled them out for the season and styled them on our balcony for the third year in a row- before that, they lived in our bedroom.

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comOver the years, I’ve also collected plenty of throws… my favorite being the alpaca fringe throw, pictured below. It’s super soft, comes in the best colors, and is one that will withstand the test of time.

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comThese are 10 items we’ve used and loved in our home- all for over a year timespan. Many of them are going on two, three, or even four years!

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: bath mat // 02: napa bath towel set // 03: coverlet // 04: seagrass basket // 05: floor lamp // 06: soho sheet set // 07: topanga pillow // 08: striped tassel pillow // 09: alpaca throw // 10: fouta towel set 

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comI’d say 90% of the towels and bath textiles in our home came from Serena & Lily. Emmett & I actually swiped the oversized plush towels, pictured below, from the guest bath and have been using them in our primary bath. We also enjoy their bath mats. They drape beautifully on the edge of the tub and are really absorbent.

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comIt probably comes as no surprise that the textiles in our basement bath are also S&L brand. These might actually be my favorite because they’re very lightweight, ultra absorbent, and are Turkish towels- so they have a really luxe feel to them.

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comI hate to admit that I’ve only showered in our basement once (for the sake of testing it out before house guests arrived), but what a luxury to pull one of those towels from the towel warmer after a shower. It’s SO nice!

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comPerhaps you remember my previous post on favorite lighting from them? I shared it exactly one year ago! Anyway, I’m still loving my plaster-looking floor lamp. It’s currently living in our basement media room…

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comI also bought a few new things, and I’ll be sure to update you on how I’m liking them once they arrive. Want to see? I ordered this stunning bench for our garden, these colored tapered candles for spring & summer, and this rug for our formal living room. Since swapping the rug in our living room, I’ve been struggling to find a durable runner to live in front of our french doors that leads to the backyard. This one will hopefully look really nice with our blue sofa and will be a nice contrast to the larger area rug. It definitely fits the floor plan…

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites - roomfortuesday.comDo you ever take note of what items in your home have been around for a long time and study where they came from? I think that’s a great way to analyze our shopping habits and hone in on where our money is best spent on future purchases that are more likely to withstand the test of time. For me, it’s always the vintage & antique items, one-of-a-kind things, and pieces from quality retailers or small businesses. I hope this was a fun glimpse at some things I’ve kept around for quite awhile and can highly recommend. Wishing you all a fun and beautiful weekend ahead! I’ll see you back here on Monday, friends.

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  1. What an interesting request from a brand! To be honest, I always think of Serena & Lily as California Coastal, which I don’t consider complimentary to my aesthetic. All of your beautiful items certainly prove me wrong! Just the other day, I noticed the lovely embroidery detail on your guest bed sheets. (I sound like a creepy stalker, but it must have been a featured image!🤣) I’ve always admired that enormous basket with the amazing wooden handles. (Your laundry room is so dang stylish!) How did I not remember that your cool plaster lamp was from them? All the luxurious towels and throws have me pining for some spring upgrades! And you have really been into the colorful tapers lately! I only use them when I set a special table (which hasn’t happened in a while☹️). Do you style them in other ways? I’d love to see. I bet that charming blue runner will look fab in the living room, and it appears mighty plush for indoor/outdoor material! I guess I need to think of Serena & Lily in a new light.
    My weekend plans involve more work in the backyard. (Still.) Luckily, time in the sun is my happy place. Is this your weekend to dive in that cave? (Shudder.) Whatever your plans, here’s wishing you sunshine and sweetness! See you Monday!💜

    1. Right? I thought so too, but was happy to oblige! I’ve collected so many good things from them over the years- that I recommend often… it felt like a natural fit to share. They certainly have a coastal aesthetic, but also plenty of items that would blend well with any aesthetic. I love a pretty embroidered sheet, and I like that you noticed that little detail :) Makes me so happy! The colored candles arrived and they are SO cool. I can’t wait to take a photo and share. They’re the most beautiful blue. I immediately put them in a vintage candelabra from our shop and now I’m thinking I need to take the listing down and keep that one for myself. Haha! TBD. Sometimes I’ll even put colored candles in a tall clear vase- just for storage and a pop of color. They’re just fun. Good luck in the backyard this weekend! Today felt SO nice here and I enjoyed working on my laptop on the balcony to get some fresh air. I’m also hoping to work in the garden and finish putting our patio together if the weather cooperates. The suns is also my happy place. We have a couple weekends until our cave dive, but I’m looking forward to it, lol!! Have an awesome pizza Friday tmrw. We’re starting our homemade pizza tradition back up, now that it’s nice out. xo

  2. Serena & Lily has such beautiful products! Your laundry basket is hands down my favorite of their items in your home. I love the height, and the smooth rim and handles. Truthfully I had no idea so many of their items were in your home! The embroidered detail on your guest bedroom sheets is beautiful, and all of your towels always look so plush and luxurious. The garden bench is going to be beautiful!! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it this year. The runner you ordered looks to be the perfect blue to match the sofa, and will be a lovely addition to that room. How do you do that? I’m always in awe of your ability to find a perfect, high quality match to fit your spaces. I think my problem is I don’t have your patience, haha! Funny you mention about paying attention to what stays around the longest-I frequently find myself looking around to see where my purchases have stood the quality/time test-that’s probably the most important factor I consider before buying anything for our household. I appreciate that you care as much about quality materials and spend a great deal of time here on the blog sharing those things with us. Cheers to a lovely weekend ahead-I hope the sun shines beautifully for you, and you’re able to spend time outdoors doing things you love. Have a happy Thursday Sarah!

    1. They really do. I love that basket! It fits a lot and feels unique. I’ve definitely collected a bunch of their items over the years that have seemed to withstand the test of time in our house. I can’t wait for the garden bench- it should be here next week. I think I’ll wait to photograph the garden until it arrives! I’m equally as excited for the runner. I’m honestly not sure if it will match our sofa, but here’s to hoping. I think you just have to be super patient until the right thing shows up for a room. The runner has certainly been a struggle! I’d rather invest in quality and something I know I’ll love and will hold up, then getting some fast and trendy. It took me a bit to learn that lesson, ha! So thanks for noticing :) I hope you also have a lovely weekend. I worked outside on my laptop all day because the weather here has been so nice. YAY! Cheers to pizza, wine, and relaxing in the days ahead. Have a good one, Lauren! xo

  3. I’ve always ooh’d and ahh’d at Serene and Lily products but have never bought from them. The seagrass laundry baskets have me wanting to try them out. My concern with them is if you have something damp like towels, etc. Have you had any problems with it ruining things?
    Look forward to seeing your items you just ordered styled. Ditto to what Peggi said about their catalog seeming coastal and maybe that’s why I have never really found anything. Your blue rug and candles are beautiful.
    Enjoy your day. Hope you & Emmett have a great weekend! We are traveling to see my mom. She is putting us to work in her yard.

    1. They have some really beautiful and high quality things! Great question on the damp towels… I always let my towels or clothing dry on the towel rack before tossing them into the hamper (whether it’s my cute hamper or Emmett’s lined one in his closet). I’m weird about that kind of thing though, but haven’t had any problems! The candles just arrived and I LOVE them- I’ll have to share a photo, but I’m still waiting on the rug. It has been such a gorgeous day here- I worked on my laptop outside and it has been glorious. Have a safe trip to visit your mom and enjoy time in the yard- that sounds amazing :) xo

  4. Melissa D says:

    You have so many beautiful items from Serena & Lily. I can’t decide on my favorite between the embroidered sheets and that laundry basket – though the turkish towels are also lovely! And that plaster lamp too. Sigh. Can I just come live in your house? Hah. Love your blog and your beautiful style!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I usually add a couple to my collection each year, but it’s crazy because some of these things we’ve had for 4+ years! Time flies. Move on in ;) we have room. Haha! I appreciate your kind words. Hope you’re having a great day. xo