September Moodboard

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Good day, design friends! How are you faring this fine Tuesday? I’m back to share a September Moodboard. This month marks the much-anticipated changes of fall, but warm days still follow chilly nights in our area. Lingering on the patio, admiring the flower beds is actually pleasant now that scorching summer temps are behind us! Lately, the changing light has me especially appreciating the chartreuse varieties of my favorite plants-hosta, heuchera, Japanese forest grass and golden oregano. Their multiple tones brighten the space, complement every companion, and shine in both starring and supporting roles. What’s my garden got to do with interior design? Turns out, this lovely yellow-green brings the same energy inside! Click through to chat more about this versatile hue, peruse inspirational images and check out this month’s moodboard.


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While I adore the vibrant chartreuses in the garden, I prefer a slightly muddier take for interiors. The range of intensity is one reason I feel confident recommending chartreuse. There’s a shade for everyone! Do you like your greens bright and zingy? You got it. Prefer something a touch softer? Can do. Crave more earthy notes? No problem! Just look at the variation in these images. 

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Let’s say you’ve found your preferred shade of chartreuse, but you still have concerns about complementary hues. The possibilities are endless, but I am often inspired by color schemes in the landscape. Chartreuse blends seamlessly with other greens, browns and neutrals. Think of ferns in the forest or a sunny stand of birch trees. Try it with gray or black for a more dramatic look. I stumbled on this very palette in lichen on desert rocks; I’ll spare you my amateur photography, but the combination is striking. In my own home, I pair chartreuse with blues, reds and purples. That may sound daring, but any wildflower meadow will offer expert examples of these vivid mixes. Mother nature employs chartreuse with confidence! Will you?

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… 

01: mohair throw // 02: abstract forest print // 03: spoon rest // 04: pottery horse // 05: linen napkins // 06: modern pitcher // 07: wallpaper // 08: suede journal // 09: pillow cover // 10: table lamp // 11: handmade mugs

You can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful selections, but if I had to choose… I think that forest print (#2) is magical with its striking graphic composition. Art might be my absolute favorite method for adding this captivating shade to a room. If I was to go all-in, I would absolutely adorn a space with that spectacular Schumacher paper (#7). Dressing room dreams, right there. Speaking of dreams, why not record all of yours in a fresh new journal (#8)? The softness of the shade and the suede feels inspiring. And lastly, a horse, of course! Although certainly a splurge, I had to include the equine beauty (#4)! I love Bitossi pottery, and I know we’ve got plenty of horse fans in these parts. This guy will be the star of someone’s built-in.

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Not quite convinced to paint your walls chartreuse? It’s a bold move, for sure. Luckily, this gold-infused green adds its bright charm, whatever the dose. I am all heart eyes for rooms drenched in chartreuse, statement sofas or luscious drapes. Adding small glimmers around the home, though, offers more opportunity to experiment. Pretty napkins on the dinner table. A cozy throw for lounging. A special mug to invigorate your morning routine. Are you in?

September Moodboard - roomfortuesday.comCan you tell I’m mad about this color? Have you seen the two yellow and green wool throws in Sarah’s shop. The mustard one is pictured above. Whatever color combination you’re feeling, either of those could fall into this category! I’m also anxious to know your thoughts. Do you dig this lively yellow-green? Could you imagine using it in your home? I hope your days are full of fresh fall air and zesty chartreuse spirit! Until next time, friends.

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  1. Good morning Peggi dear! How I love this mood board! Like you, I tend to look at natural surroundings for inspiration when it comes to color and this chartreuse amazingness has fall written all over it! I’m not so daring to use it in large scale-wall paint or paper, furniture, etc. however a pinch here and there brings a certain flair. True story-my shower curtain has a green in the floral pattern that I’ve been trying to match for ages, and as I read this post I only now realized it’s chartreuse I’m looking for…not lime! I love this color with darker counterparts: black, navy, forest green and deep teal. (My shower curtain is a lovely medium print floral with chartreuse, navy, and teal; and the background is has a lovely muted taupe brush stroke to the texture). You already know the top of my list is the horse-I mean, c’mon, how adorable is this guy? On a stack of black or blue books? Showstopper! Next in line is the mohair throw, for obvious reasons, and the forest print. I may just have to purchase that for some bathroom shelfie styling! I would love to find some Turkish bath towels with this color….ahhh you’re serving up all the fall vibes this morning and I’m not mad about it! Our mornings have cooled significantly, segueing into milder afternoon temps, and crisp cool evenings. We’ve even had spots of showers here and there, and I can’t help but be called by the apple orchards. Something about a misty morning walk in an apple orchard sipping fresh cocoa just makes my heart sing. I hope you have a lovely day my friend. Outstanding mood board this morning! Xo

    1. Hey, hey, Lauren! I had a feeling you’d love that horse as much as I do, and I’m not even a horse person! Ditto the forest print; it might find a home in my navy bedroom. Funny that you mention Turkish towels because I actually looked for them!Finding the right color proved tricky since everything was basically labeled “green.” There’s a waffle weave example in the slider at the end of the post, but I also think this one and this one look promising! Your shower curtain sounds like it’s in my preferred palette! Fingers crossed you can find the perfect towels. We woke up to rain this morning, so I think fall might actually have arrived. I’ve also been dreaming of a day in the apple orchard. Nothing better! Thanks for always weighing in and adding such thoughtful commentary to the conversation! Cheers to this beautiful day, friend!💜

  2. Good morning Peggi. You have my wheels spinning this morning on the colors to use for fall. I typically always go for orange or deep burgundy hues. I have always loved green (olive, jade, moss & emerald) but have never used chartreuse in a room. Sarah’s throw is beautiful. My picks would be #4; the flowers in the Veranda picture and the taper candles. Small doses for me…;)
    Have a great day. You did a wonderful job on the post.

    1. Good morning, Danna! Thank you for the kind words. I definitely love all of the greens. I actually think chartreuse would look stellar with your preferred burgundy and orange shades! The beauty of this color is that it packs serious design punch even in the smallest doses. Taper candles would be perfect! Did you follow the link to the Veranda article? There is a close-up shot of those flowers on the olive green glass side table that basically made me squeal. But also, flowers or a plant are a super low-commitment way to incorporate a little chartreuse. Have the best Tuesday, Danna! Happy fall!🍂

  3. What would you recommend as a third complimentary color for chartreuse and blush? I have some chartreuse leather desk chairs that I love and have recently moved to our attic guest space where we were planning to paint the room a faint blush. I am second guessing the blush and chartreuse together, but really like the blush tone for the sunlight the room gets. Just not sure how to make it look like it was on purpose and not just all leftover furniture (even though it is all left over furniture!).

    1. I love chartreuse, blush, and navy! Blue is definitely a complementing color.