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Predicted Paint Colors for 2019

Predicted Paint Colors for 2019 - This is my 3rd annual “paint predictions” post and it’s always a hit! I’m excited to share my color predictions and favorite swatches for 2019. I hope it helps you feel confident and comfortable in making paint selections this year. I really enjoy color theory, sourcing palettes, and finding swatches that play well together. Although neutrals will always be classic and timeless- in the coming year, I’m really looking forward to using bold hues and more COLOR. Click through to see what paint colors I’m predicting will be a hit in the year ahead! Continue Reading

Predicted Paint Colors for 2018 -
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Predicted Paint Colors for 2018

This post was SUCH a hit last year, I thought it’d be fun to do it again for 2018. I really love using color throughout my home and feel super comfortable making paint selections. I’ve said it once and I’ll say…

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Predicted Paint Colors for 2017

I like to predict interior trends for the year ahead, especially paint colors. If there’s one design element I feel confident in- it’s color theory. I really enjoy working with colors, mixing, and finding palettes that play well together. Click through…

2018 : Year in Review -

2018 : Year in Review

I hope you guys had the very best Christmas! We’re back to reality (well almost- we still have house guests until Thursday), but I’m feeling creatively refreshed after a good, long break. It was honestly much needed, as I’ve been…