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Design Discussion : Hardwoods in the Kitchen

Design Discussion : Hardwoods in the Kitchen - I have another new blog series I’ve been wanting to start for awhile now… design discussions! There are a lot of controversial design topics that have been brought to light since I started this blog. I figured it would be fun to break them down, share my opinion for each, and get a conversation started. Design is like art- it’s a process in which you can (and should) take creative liberties based on the space you have to work with. I’ll share my most loved and hated design decisions in this series- starting with installing real hardwood flooring in the kitchen! Click through to read all about it… Continue Reading

How to Install Herringbone Hardwood Flooring -
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How to Install Herringbone Hardwood Flooring

Let’s talk hardwoods! You know I’m a huge hardwood flooring fan and it was probably no surprise to see us starting on the floor in my office immediately after finishing the guest bathroom reno. Emmett and I are planning to…

diy projects

How To Refinish Hardwood Floors Like A Pro

The very first project we tackled upon arriving at our new house? Refinishing the floors! Before moving across the country, we actually got a quote to have them finished prior to our arrival… but that would’ve been too easy. I really…

Design Eye Training : 110 -
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Design Eye Training : 110

How was your weekend? I’m happy to be back home! We had a wonderful time in Hawaii and although it rained every day, we were still able to make the most of it and get outside and explore. Who…

Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo -
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Entryway Renovation : Before Images & Demo

Exciting news! We started demo on the entryway and things are already moving right along. I need to bring everyone up to speed! I took some photos and videos, but haven’t posted anything yet- mostly because I was signed off…