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A Day In The Life Of – HomeGoods Shopping

A Day In The Life Of - HomeGoods Shopping - It has been a long while since I’ve shared “A Day In the Life Of” post, so I figured it was time. While I was in Arizona making over Laurie Anne’s bedroom, we ran to her local HomeGoods for last minute accessories. We walk inside and she informs me she has NEVER been to a HomeGoods. Of course my jaw drops to the ground because it’s pretty close to her house and I assumed everyone knows and shops the treasures of HomeGoods, but apparently she had yet to discover it. Ha! All of that to say, we were in a time crunch, grabbed things for her bedroom makeover, and it left me wondering how my local store looked. I came home and made a trip to check things out and score some treasures for upcoming projects. Want to see what I found? Click through for an iPhone style post and follow me around the store! If you need white towels (pictured above), they’re always my go-to. Continue Reading

A Day In the Life Of - Coverings :

A Day In the Life Of – Coverings

The last “Day in the Life Of” post I shared was wayyyy back in February. I figured it was time for a new one and it would be fun to bring you all along on the Coverings trade show…

A Day In The Life Of - Renovating :

A Day In The Life Of – Renovating

Per your request, I’m continuing the “A Day in the Life Of” series! As I mentioned in the video Q&A last week, Emmett and I don’t renovate full time… we typically work on our house in the evenings and…

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes

Happy Friday, friends! I have a little celebratory / thank you post of sorts lined up today. Somehow two years has passed since I opened the Tuesday Made shop! I’m not exactly sure why I thought launching a store…