Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale

Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale - roomfortuesday.comOn Monday, Wisteria announced after 19 years of business, they’re closing their doors for good (above is an image of their Dallas showroom- so beautiful). I was really bummed to see this because I’ve always been inspired by their products, print catalogs, and have shopped their store online many times. Since everything must go, all furniture and decor is on super sale right now (50% off!)– basically everything has to be sold during their “going out of business sale“. Sadly we’re losing an excellent home resource, but the good news (finding the silver lining here)– you can find some awesome deals right now and grab what is left! You guys know I’m always looking for furniture and home decor at good prices, so I figured this post was worth sharing if you hadn’t heard the news. A lot of the good stuff went FAST, but there are still plenty of beautiful pieces to scoop up. Click through to shop my finds…

Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale - roomfortuesday.comWisteria carries a lot of handmade pieces that are constructed of quality materials (marble, solid wood, linen, etc) with wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail. That’s one thing I’m really going to miss about their brand. You guys know I love and appreciate those little details.

Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my finds to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop… I’m hoping many of these have not sold out yet.

01: round bone mirror // 02: pendant lantern // 03: royal pillow cover // 04: marble side table // 05: caned barrel back chair // 06: french blue linen pillow // 07: salmon pillow cover // 08: bone tray // 09: chest of drawers // 10: velvet pillow // 11: brass bar stool // 12: aqua pillow // 13: sage outdoor chair // 14: natural pillow cover // 15: velvet chesterfield sofa // 16: brass frame mirror // 17: teak armchair

Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale - roomfortuesday.comThe chest of drawers is seriously tempting me and would be awesome in our master bedroom. I’m really considering it. I love the shape! I also added some pillows to my cart.

Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale - roomfortuesday.comI feel like this is an opportune time to buy furniture if you’re in the market for higher-end pieces. Those brass bar stools are making me wish we had a bar or countertop seating. So gorgeous!

Roundup : Wisteria Going Out of Business Sale - roomfortuesday.comIt’s incredibly sad to see so many good companies going out of business during the pandemic, but I hope you’re able to snag something great for your home to remember them by! Have you ever shopped at Wisteria? If not, sorry it was a “new to you” resource that will quickly be gone. I just didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share a big sale with you guys. Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Certainly some lovely items. I was just looking at that dresser yesterday after I was alerted to the closing sale by an IG post. (Feel free to get it; we will not be twinsies.🤣) That blue patterned pillow is killer! I also spied the dreamy Maharaja headboard, but I’m not sure I about the color that’s available. Although Wisteria was not a vendor I frequented, seeing a business close due to financial strain is disheartening.
    I hope your Wednesday is sunny and filled with canine shenanigans…and some wallpapering on the side!☺️💚🐶

    1. I know- I’m sad to see them go. I do love that dresser, just wondering if we need another “project” right now. Haha! I feel like it could easily spark a master bedroom refresh after I finish styling it (that’s what my brain does). I’m trying to do better about finishing a project completely, then moving onto the next room… it’s just tough to pass up deals for other spaces. Decisions, decisions. Hope your week is going well :) My day started off with Cash eating onions from garden (again), so I’ve been dealing with canine shenanigans (aka messes) all morning… fun times. I know what I’ll be doing tonight- pulling all of the onions out of the garden so this doesn’t happen again. Argh! Dogs. Love them, but they can really test our patience. Ha! Happy Wednesday, Peggi!

  2. I wasn’t familiar with this shop, and now I wish I was!! So many good pieces! It’s so sad to see so many businesses closing their doors through this pandemic. We have a shopping district called “Uptown” filled with small local housewares shops, antique stores and specialty shops, most of which are still closed. Driving by the other day I noticed one has boarded up. Sometimes it feels like the life we knew before will be so vastly different once we finally return to normal. Our state is announcing today which cities and counties will experience another shutdown. We are seeing large spikes again. I guess the silver lining, if any, is that there will be new places to discover when this is all over. Thanks for sharing the sale Sarah! That chesterfield sofa is 😍😍😍 PS…that chest of drawers belongs in your home!!

    1. They used to have a TON, but now most items have sold out. It was an awesome resource… definitely bummed to see it go. I hate that so many wonderful companies, both large and small, are going out of business lately. It has been a tough year, to say the least. Sorry to hear about the shop in Uptown. Hopefully once the others are able to open back up again, the community will support them and shop locally! That sounds like such a fun place. I definitely think the world and life as we knew it already feels vastly different (in both negative and positive ways). We’re also experiencing spikes here in Utah. Hoping everyone can get this under control soon, so we can all get back to “normal” and support our communities in person. Whew! How is your week going? Is the bathroom coming right along? I’m debating on the chest of drawers- it’s SO good and I think it would be awesome in our bedroom. Have a great day, Lauren! xo

      1. It’s going great! The bathroom is moving right along. Yesterday I went to paint my trim and noticed a bunch of imperfections that needed to be corrected before I actually got to it. Thanks builders!! Lol. But now that it’s all smooth and imperfection free I’ll be painting it today!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Fingers crossed my gut instinct will pay off. Haha! How’s the guest bedroom??

        1. Woohoo!!! Always go with your gut, you have a great eye :) The guest bedroom is looking awesome. I’ve been adding one panel of wallpaper per day (that’s all I’ve had time for), but slow progress is better than no progress. Haha!

  3. Not that you need or want it, but here’s another vote for you bringing that chest of drawers home, Sarah. Sorry! 🤣 It’s absolutely gorgeous and is right up your alley. I’m seriously eyeing those brass stools as we’re in the market for island seating (our only dining seating!), but so hard not knowing if they’re comfortable when they’re final sale and they’re still over budget. Argh. Definitely sorry to see so many places closing. God, help me if HomeGoods does!! Hope everyone is having a good week. TGIW! 🙃

    1. I committed too late. I measured last night, went online to grab it, and it was sold out. Nooooo!! That just goes to show what happens when you’re indecisive over furniture. Ha! I HATE when that happens… especially with vintage pieces on FB Marketplace. Argh. Have an awesome long weekend, Anne :)

  4. Karen Johnson says:

    Hi Sarah! I just discovered your site while I was shopping for a client on Wisteria. The site is still active, but no longer offers a designer trade discount and I’m having trouble logging in. Do you have any further details about the store closure? Are they legit online?
    Thanks so much!
    Karen Johnson
    A Home Well Dressed