Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper - roomfortuesday.comHello! I hope your week is off to a good start. Did everyone have a nice weekend? We’re still enjoying family time over here, but I’ve got a giant wallpaper roundup lined up for you today! I’ve been on a pattern kick lately and have been looking for a good excuse or project to install some wallpaper. I’ve been gravitating toward a few different timeless patterns: florals, toile, and stripes. If you’re in need some pattern inspiration or are also planning to install classic wallpaper in the future, click through for the post and to pin your favorites!

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper
via alice lane

First, let’s chat about floral & chinoiserie papers. These patterns feel very timeless to me and almost take on the effect of a mural, given their large scale and reaching branches. Have you been noticing more of these patterns in interior design lately? I’m a fan!

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper
via house of brinson

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: etsy chinoiserie // 02: seagrass floral // 03: acorn // 04: golden bird // 05: overstock chinoiserie // 06: etsy mural // 07: navy branches // 08: fawn floral // 09: cherry blossom // 10: gracie mural

My personal favorites from this category include number 9 and number 10… one neutral, and one very bold & beautiful pattern from the popular Gracie Studio. I included papers of all different price points- from high-end to budget friendly options, and even some peel & stick papers. If you’re splurging for an expensive wallpaper and are looking to save a little money- try framing out the paper in panel moulding, like my friends Susan & Will from House of Brinson did, in the above image!

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper
via bria hammel interiors

Next, let’s move onto striped papers! Stripes are the most timeless pattern, in my opinion. You can install striped upholstery, drapery, or wallpaper and it will still be in style years from now.

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper
via mark d. sikes for schumacher

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: fern stripe // 02: farrow & ball stripe // 03: french linen // 04: acadia stripe // 05: hannah stripe // 06: ticking stripe// 07: ballard stripe // 08: emily stripe // 09: greek key stripe // 10: french stripe

From this roundup, my top picks for my house include numbers 1, 6, 8, and 9. Number nine really feels special to me! You know I can’t resist a greek key detail in the form of a stripe. Beautiful!

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper - roomfortuesday.comAre you ready to talk toile? I’ve always admired toile patterns that tell a story or depict a beautiful landscape. Remember when I used temporary peel & stick paper in our powder bath until we can fully demo and renovate that space? I get so many compliments on that wallpaper!

Roundup : Floral, Striped, & Toile Wallpaper
via the makerista

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: embroidered toile // 02: blue forest // 03: horse & hound // 04:  charcoal toile // 05: exotic plumes // 06: city scape // 07: tree toile // 08: seasons toile // 09: old world toile // 10: cherub toile

From the toile roundup, my top picks include numbers 2, 3, 4, and 9. There are so many stunning options in this one, but those were speaking to me and felt best with my current home and aesthetic.

I’d love to hear your favorites from the post! Do you enjoy a good wallpaper or pattern? Do you currently have wallpaper installed in your home? If so, what kind or what types of patterns and colors? I’m itching to wallpaper another ceiling here soon!

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  1. Good morning, Sarah! Wallpaper. Sigh. The hours I have spent perusing wallpaper are incalculable; I definitely have purchased my share of samples, as well. My problem is actually choosing! You know I take forever to make a decision, and the options seem limitless. I favor the bold and colorful, so my picks usually feature animals, florals or botanicals. Ha. Probably less timeless than your aesthetic. I actually do have one room where I applied wallpaper (kind of). In my bathroom, I affixed sheets of hand-marbled paper below the chair rail and covered it with plexiglass for water protection. I thought it would be easier than actual wallpaper, but the internet lied. 0/10 recommend working with plexiglass. (So much swearing.) I still adore the look five years later, so I guess it was worth the struggle! From your lovely, classic line-up, I would choose #1 from the floral, #4 and 5 from the stripes, and #4 from the toile! I’m intrigued to hear that you’re thinking of papering another ceiling! I know I’ll be inspired. That Mark Sikes tented look?! I will now spend hours trying to convince myself it’s doable. Snort.
    You and the fam have the most amazing Monday!!💜

    1. Wallpaper!! I love it. I’m afraid to share how many samples I have tucked away in my design closet. Haha! Speaking of animal paper- the zebra Scalamandré paper will forever be a favorite- in green or red! Your hand marbled paper sounds stunning- what a creative and fantastic idea! I want to hear all about your new (vintage) bedside dressers. Were you able to score two?! They perfectly fit your space and have that coveted stone top you were looking for. They’re gorgeous. I’m picking up the barley twist desk from Meridian, Idaho at the end of the month!! Ahhhh!! I’m super excited about that for the office. Have a great Monday! xo

      1. I did score a pair! The marble on both is badly damaged, but the ormolu and curvy shape was irresistible!! I think making our 5 Things list last week must have helped the universe send them my way. Fingers crossed for everyone else!

        1. YAY!! A match made in heaven. Ha! Maybe you can remove the polish from the marble with vinegar? Or mix up a baking soda concoction to pull stains? Regardless- I don’t mind a marble that has been well loved and despite the damage, they’re still gorgeous!

  2. Wallpaper…It has taken me many years to bring my head around to appreciating its loveliness, and to understand that in terms of design, there is a definitive right and wrong way to accomplish the look. Our home doesn’t lend itself well to wallpaper-what with the large expanses of wall and ceiling heights that are impossibly tall. There are a few spaces I’d consider it for-the water closets upstairs, and above a sweet chair rail in Brooke’s room.
    For pattern preference I’m all over the place. #1 and #5 from the floral roundup are stunning options-the greens, birds, and delicate floral are all speaking to my love of nature. I agree that stripes are classic, and probably the safest choice for me. I’m loving #9-the Greek key detail is stupendous! I’m also drawn to #1 and #8. With these papers, the subtle coloring combined with the patterns give sort of an aged aesthetic that I find appealing. The toile prints I always find to be super special in the stories they tell alone. My choices here are #3 (obviously the favorite), #8, and the surprising-to-me choice, #10. I could easily see #8 in the water closet of our primary bath-they’re wine making (and that navy is on point)!
    Such a fun roundup on this lovely Monday Sarah! I hope your weekend with family was relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable. I spent Saturday afternoon with Brooke, shopping for a sweater and pjs to fit over her cast. I was able to find a giant candle in the same scent I fell in love with last year (completely stoked about it), and of course my lovely Tuesday Made items arrived! The kitchen towels you choose are a major favorite of mine-perhaps the softest towels I’ve ever used in a kitchen. I haven’t burned the candle yet, but tidying this morning in the crisp cool air will lend itself to striking a match. Thank you, and thank you for the sweet note my friend. Have an awesome Monday!

    1. I love wallpaper in a smaller space, nook, or in interesting applications (lined drawers, the ceiling, the back of built-ins, etc)! I’m very into the idea of you papering the chair rail in Brooke’s room. I hope she’s healing nicely, BTW! Poor girl with the bulky cast- I hope you were able to find some clothing and PJs that fits over it nicely. Here’s to hoping it will be off soon with zero complications! I’m so happy your goodies arrived :) I also have and love those towels in our kitchen. Here’s to a great week ahead, my friend! xo

  3. Jennifer Laura says:

    such a great round up! I have been wanting to add toile somewhere and am just waiting for the right space- I have always loved Gwen’s laundry room!

    1. I just love toile! It always feels timeless to me. Gwen’s laundry room is so dreamy! Love the navy. Have a great day!

  4. Appreciate your thoughts and sources of wallpaper Sarah. When you wallpapered the back of your office builtins I thought it was genius and really made all the objects stand out.
    I do have the desire to wallpaper a room in the near future. My initial choice would be to use grasscloth in a room. I wish I was more bold in my choices and tried a print. I will get there. Like several others, I too would need the eye and encouragement of a friend or designer to try patterns.
    Just received a sweet note along with my favorite oil bottle and dog bandana…thank you! Dakota is going to look so nice this fall wearing it. I promise to send you a pick after her grooming next month. Have a great Monday with your family.

    1. Thanks Danna! I really loved those built-ins, the grasscloth on the back of the shelving, and styling them. We also have grasscloth on the back of our current living room built-in (though it’s less noticeable). Grasscloth feels really timeless to me! That’s one material that will never go out of style. You are so sweet for ordering from our shop- I’m thrilled to hear the package arrived safe & sound. You’ll have to send a photo of Dakota sporting that adorable bandana next month :) We’re enjoying family time for a couple more days, then it’s back to our regular routine. I hope you’re having a good week! xox

  5. Yet, another gorgeous, inspiring, and informative post! Have a terrific week!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you’re having a wonderful week as well :)