Roundup: Candelabras & Candlesticks

Roundup: Candelabras &
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. Are you in full holiday mode yet? My winter decor is still in the piles and planning phase until after next week. I’m currently knee-deep in Thanksgiving prep, so tablescapes have been top of mind. (Fingers crossed I score a vintage silverplate service for 12 later today!) An element I’ve been especially enamored with this year is candelabras. Blame it on the popularity of period dramas, or maybe just my natural affinity for design drama, but I can’t get enough of these stately pieces. As usual, I roamed the internet seeking ideas and insight. My efforts were abundantly rewarded! Click through for more inspiring images, some styling suggestions and a radiant roundup of candelabras and candlesticks.

Roundup: Candelabras &
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Many of us enthusiastically burn candles for fragrance, but what about their original purpose as a light source? I’m not suggesting you toil over the household ledgers by candelabra, nor would I ever advocate eschewing a beloved table lamp. (Gasp) I’m merely proposing that several tapers provide sufficient illumination for a variety of activities and significantly enhance the ambiance. Card games by candlelight. Netflix and softly flickering flames. Doing dishes in the dancing glow of… Too much? Maybe, but you’ll probably never find cleanup so enjoyable!

Roundup: Candelabras &
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Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds. Not all are clickable.

01: vintage swedish brass // 02: midcentury glass and brass // 03: large brass floral // 04: wavy white ceramic // 05: danish teak and brass // 06: simple antiqued brass // 07: modernist steel pair // 08: walnut candelabra // 09: art deco pottery // 10: silver-plated two-arm // 11: green pottery // 12: vintage frankoma // 13: waterford crystal // 14: vintage lenox crystal // 15: mid century brass and teak // 16: vintage ribbed brass // 17: metal art deco // 18: vintage scalloped glass // 19: vintage lenox waves // 20: black iron // 21: chunky crystal // 22: vintage barley twist // 23: large brass pair // 24: leather-wrapped brass // 25: 3-candle crystal // 26: brass loop set of 2 //

Wowza. Did I have some fun assembling this collection! I’ll get right to a few of my favorites! Let’s start with number 3. I adore all 2 feet of its brassy floral splendor. The blossoms say spring, but the burnished color reads fall. I want to plan an entire party around it! For a completely different look, I would choose the chunky crystaliciousness of 21. I appreciate the modern shape in a traditional material. (Sidenote: why am I just waking up to the sparkly wonder of crystal?) In the budget-friendly category, you can’t beat number 12. Those Frankoma glazes are fab! I’m also really drawn to 15 for the graphic, mixed media, mid century goodness. And finally, hello 24. Three words…leather-wrapped brass. Smokin’. If you’d like even more choices, check the slider at the bottom of the post. Instead of creating the world’s largest collage, I included some others there.

Roundup: Candelabras &
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With such a wealth of beautiful candelabras, they needn’t be relegated to the dinner table. A sideboard or buffet are obviously excellent alternatives, but why not explore beyond the dining room all together? I love a duo styled on a mantel; extra credit if the fireplace is in your bedroom. (Also, jealous.) No mantel? No problem. Perch a pair on the coffee table to give happy hour a little razzle dazzle. How about a glorious showstopper in an entry vignette? Let guests know they’ve come to the right place! I also envision a special piece glimmering beside a luxurious bath. For any spot really that wants a little light, a bit of…atmosphere, try a candelabra.

Roundup: Candelabras &
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So far, I’ve highlighted both the extravagance and the utility of candelabras. While ostentation and illumination were their initial function, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention two appealing contemporary attributes. Today, you find numerous simple, low profile examples that offer a more understated beauty. Numbers 8, 16 and 26 fit that bill nicely. You also can’t deny the unique sculptural quality of some pieces. Even without candles, they add texture and interest to builtins or a kitchen shelf. I’m thinking of works like 4, 6 and 20. Lavish or restrained, for light or for looks, candelabras work!

Roundup: Candelabras &
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OK, friends. Tell me what you think! Does the word candelabra bring to mind Liberace or Lumière? Maybe more Bridgerton vibes? Are you into this chandelier energy for your table? You know I want to hear all your thoughts! I also want to wish everyone who celebrates the warmest of Thanksgivings. Until next time.

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  1. Wow Peggi, you have totally lit 🔥 up my morning 😜 your roundup is fantastic! I have a modest amount of candlesticks I would say. I actually don’t own any candelabras I just realized. Huh? Now I love crystal so give me all the sparkle and weight of those beauties in your roundup. Also loving #17 I think would be stunning on our holiday table, who doesn’t love silver? #22 Vintage barley twist absolutely (would be beautiful at our cottage) and I also like the modern edgy nature of #24 as well as the curvy simplicity of #26 You got a fabulous array of choice here. The pair Sarah showcased on her holiday table yesterday were just gorgeous weren’t they? So pretty 😍
    While I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to candlesticks, though I have a healthy amount 😂 I definitely have a weak spot for the tapers that go in them. Give me fluted, twisted, sculptural, lacquered, smokeless, dripless candles, I have a more serious addiction 😬 I’m with you Peggi candles create an endless ambience that can’t be replicated by a light fixture. The flicker and moodiness of candlelight is magic and adds sparkle to any space any time of year. Wishing you and everyone the best Thanksgiving, wish I could see your smashing Thanksgiving tablescape. Sounds amazing! Have a fabulous day! Xoxo

    1. Good morning, Colleen! I’m happy you enjoyed the roundup. I definitely thought of you when I recently “discovered” that I like crystal. I thrifted several pairs of candlesticks for our Thanksgiving table- oh the sparkle! I agree that #17 screams holiday table. Although I love the drama of tall candelabras, I prefer the long low types for dining. Would you believe an identical pair of those barley twist candlesticks showed up on my FBMP this morning? For SO cheap. I’m very tempted! You know what’s funny, I too have a significant addiction to collecting taper candles. I thrift all sorts of of amazing examples, but then I have two additional problems. I actually own very few candlesticks, and I hate to burn (use up!) my coveted candles. Ha. I do so enjoy candle light though; it’s just so soothing and mesmerizing. Especially now that it’s pitch dark by 5:30! Wasn’t Sarah’s table so pretty? I’m carefully studying her photos because I’m determined to capture at least a couple pics of this year’s Thanksgiving table. We’ll see how I manage. Once the whirlwind begins, focus can go right out the window! I appreciate your comments as always, and I want to offer a special note of gratitude for your kindness and friendship. Your presence helps make this space special.💜 Cheers to a lovely weekend!

  2. Welcome to the Friday mood indeed! You truly know how to set a scene Peggi. I’ll answer your question first: Lumière all the way; candelabras for me, evoke the French countryside. The romance, the drama, the subtle flicker of flames bouncing light into the room. Truly there is nothing like the ambiance of candlelight. True story: we once had zero power for three days at the old house and didn’t own lanterns of any kind. We had the entire house lit by candles for four days because we loved it so much; that sparked our love of candlesticks. I’m definitively a candlestick hoarder. I’ve yet to find a candelabra to love- but hello #4!! The curvy plaster goodness screams my name. I love the modern drama of #7, the subtlety of #10, and the stately elegance of #23. The end-all-be-all is #24. Leather. Wrapped. Brass. Can you even?? All the heart eyes for that little number. I hope everyone has a joyous week ahead, and to those of us celebrating, a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Hello, hello, hello! Romance and drama for the win! Although I’m shivering at the thought of no heat for days, I adore the idea of nothing but candlelight! Picture me swanning around in a robe calling for Heathcliff. Ha. I’d love to know about your candlestick hoard, I mean collection. Brass? Crystal? Pottery? Wood? And, I must say I am getting pretty accurate with my predictions. I had a suspicion that curvy number 4 might catch your eye! I’m actually kind of tempted to try a little diy…although my abundant confidence can sometimes lead to disaster. Lol. I wondered if anyone else would be drawn to the unique drama of number 7! Number 24 though? GAH! I want to shake the hand of that designer. Here’s to more candlelit evenings in the season ahead! Thanks, as always, Lauren, for sharing insights, opinions and laughs! Your friendship and presence here truly brightens my day. 💜 I hope you enjoy your leisurely Thanksgiving! Although, I was looking forward to that lovely tablescape you were scheming, perhaps it will debut for another holiday. Cheers to Pizza Friday, friend!

  3. Melanie T says:

    Candelabras are so romantic and I definitely adore them for the finishing touch. I wish there was some way to bolt them down however. I’m so deathly fearful of accidentally having them knocked down and starting a fire. Maybe I would be more at ease by having a fire extinguisher handy just in case? But fires are my #1 phobia so this is real in my mind. I don’t know if I could relax enough to invest in one. Love the choices and the more showy the better!

    1. Hello, Melanie! I love your sentiment “the more showy the better!” You are clearly my people. I actually also share your fear of fire. We had an apartment fire during college (arson!), and it’s an indelible experience. I currently have large, goofy dogs and a curious cat, so…lots to worry about. My personal practice is to only have candles lit when I’m right nearby (dining table) or on immovable surfaces (counter, mantel, heavy buffet). I do think many of the larger, ornate pieces are likely quite heavy, but I definitely don’t dismiss your fear. How could you relax and enjoy the beautiful glow?! I know that flameless tapers (even made of real wax!) exist, but I don’t have personal experience with them. Maybe I should do some research! Thanks for chatting this morning. I hope you have a lovely weekend and a beautiful holiday season!💜

    2. Hi Melanie! I saw your comment and had to tell you a little secret- earthquake putty! That’s what it’s called here in CA. I know many areas of the US don’t deal with earthquakes as often- in your area it may be referred to as museum putty. It’s available at any hardware store. You can use it to keep pictures in place on a gallery wall, affix items that are too heavy to a shelf…you’d be surprised at the piece of mind it can bring. I personally use it to keep tchotchkes in place in the kids rooms, so I can vouch for its strength. Also, flameless candles! Amazon has exceptionally realistic pillars, tapers, votives- best of all, many come with a remote and a timer function. I use them in areas the kids and dog frequent, or for when I can’t be monitoring. Fear not friend! There’s a solution for everyone. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

  4. Peggi,
    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on one of your posts but they make me think differently/more creatively about things that I’d often overlook. Love that! Also, I need to work “crystaliciousness” into my everyday speech this week! :)

    1. Good morning, Nicole! I cannot imagine a more wonderful compliment! Truly. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment! May you have multiple opportunities to notice crystaliciousness this week!🤣💜