Get the Look : A Tiny Bold Dining Room

Curated Dining RoomI try to save spaces that are intriguing, sparks an idea, or does a nice job of problem solving. I hoard these gems in my Pinterest account and every once in awhile the reallllly goods ones make their way to the blog. I felt compelled to share Austin designer, Duffy Stone’s dining room because it solves common problems that leave SO many people stumped. I’m breaking things down for 3 different budgets below… here’s how to get the look for a tiny bold dining room.

Minimal Boho MantleArchitecturally, this place reminds me a lot of the apartment I used to live in during my college years. It’s not specified- but it appears to me this room is indeed inside an apartment or rental. You can easily see so many common “eye sores”… builder-grade fixtures, popcorn ceilings, old shag carpet- the whole nine yards. It’s certainly not trying to be disguised. This isn’t the type of space that is plastered all over Pinterest, so why does this dining room work so well despite being in an average apartment? Glad you asked!! The spotlight is totally on the decor, and it’s done well. Really well!

Tiny Bold Dining RoomIt’s obvious that if you fill a space (even a bad one) with curated and collected pieces, the aforementioned “eyesores” become far less noticeable. I think the moral of the story / space is this: if you’re renting or don’t have a budget that allows updates, invest in interesting and quality pieces that steal the show. Odds are, you won’t fixate on the ugly ceiling, but rather admire the pretty light fixture or collected dining set. It just goes to show that any living circumstance has the potential to be beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong- this is NOT an endorsement for popcorn ceilings or a movement for the anti-renovation… I’m just saying as you’re saving to change permanent and architectural elements, don’t sweat it. It’s not ideal, but in the meantime… own it and make it work. This room proves that it can be done! Ok, now for the fun part, here’s how to get the look at home on 3 different budgets (in descending order).

Collected Designer Dining Room01: modern globe chandelier // 02: central park aerial photographic art // 03: malachite vase with gold detail // 04: white modern dining table // 05: acrylic modern dining chair with cushion (x 4) // 06: slash color block pillow // 07: vintage distressed oushak rug

This first option is pretty dreamy- it feels sophisticated, collected, and chic! This one is actually my favorite of the three- not because it’s the most expensive… just because it fits my personal aesthetic best. It’s the perfect mix of vintage meets modern with a few graphic elements thrown in for added interest. I definitely wouldn’t notice the outdated carpet or lack of drapery with these gorgeous layers.

I should also probably note, I kept the paint color the same for each space because odds are, if you’re renting… your walls are probably some version of white- my favorite just happens to be Ben Moore Super White. If you’ve seen my actual dining room… it’s about as far from white as it gets, but there’s something refreshing about keeping it bright and airy in these circumstances.

Bold Boho Dining Room01: vintage mid century modern pendant // 02: summer fringe large scale photograph // 03: marble top round tulip table // 04: vintage mid century chair set // 05: bamboo folding bar table // 06: light brindle cowhide rug

The items above begin to take on a California sort of vibe, and I’m definitely digging it! The palm leaf art, bamboo bar tray, and mid century pieces nod to carefree and coastal style without overdoing it. I could definitely imagine this dining room in a mod beach house.

Bold Dining Room on A Budget01: vintage lucite and chrome pendant // 02: “vanishing” photographic artwork // 03: rose quartz centerpiece // 04: round florence dining table // 05: red modern S chair (x4) // 06: mid century wine & storage bar // 07: dye printed flat weave rug

I have to say, this one is a fantastic deal. A dining room for under $1,500 is sort of insane because that’s usually what a mediocre dining set would cost! Not to mention, this collage has the most items. This look is hip, includes added storage, an easy solution to icky carpet, and is most reminiscent of our inspiration dining room.

Which look is your favorite? Do you guys have tips or design dilemmas in regards to apartment living? This space definitely inspired me to make the most of each and every space!

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  1. Loved this post Sarah!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The large photograph in the original room is what ties the entire space together for me because it oh so subtly picks up touches of color elsewhere in the space (amber, red, black, terra cotta). The last and least expensive option does the same for me with the cohesiveness coming from the movement in both the art and the rug and the charcoal grey/black tones (including shadow) throughout. Love your three-look spaces — they help me understand why what pleases my brain pleases my brain. :)

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I totally agree- I think a cohesive space is very correlated, whether it’s the color palette, shape, scale, use of line, texture, etc. So glad you liked this one! xo

  3. georgia (jorjah_b) says:

    i have that exact pendant lamp that you featured in your second dining room collage! but mine is hanging in my living room. =)

    1. I love that light fixture! It’s so amazing. xo