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Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comAs promised, I’m hosting a range hood giveaway with Zephyr! Last month they flew me to San Francisco for their annual designer retreat and I was super excited when they agreed to gift one of you a range hood of your choosing. Click through for a peek at how my kitchen is looking these days, some tips for hosting guests this Thanksgiving, and of course- to enter the giveaway. 

*This post is sponsored by Zephyr. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use & enjoy!

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comI’m going to devote a big post to this just as SOON as I can, but you guys already know we’ve been house hunting. I can say… if everything goes as planned, we’ll be moving sooner rather than later. Therefore, I’ve been cooking every single night and enjoying every square inch of our beautiful kitchen before it’s time to move on.

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comHonestly, the space hasn’t changed very much since the reveal. If anything, it’s just a bit more cluttered (which I actually think makes it feel more cozy)- I’ve added some cookbooks to the countertop, canisters, and other functional items we use often.

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comOur range hood was the very last thing we installed to wrap up the entire house renovation. It was a weird moment! I am stoked that our house no longer smells like food and I can rest easy knowing grease isn’t floating through the air, coating our home. The range insert is doing such a good job and it makes me wish we wouldn’t have procrastinated, installing it sooner.

Speaking of grease, want to hear a gross fact I learned on my trip? If you don’t have a range hood, one GALLON of grease accumulates in your house each year. Yuck. As soon as I came home from San Francisco, I marched through the front door and told Emmett, “We are installing the range insert TONIGHT.” ha!

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comI custom designed the range hood exterior, but when buying the insert, I had a pretty lengthy criteria list. I wanted it to be efficient, have good lighting, but most of all- I wanted it to be quiet.

Range hood noise is measured in sones. Without getting super boring, a soft whisper measures 0.5 sones, normal conversation would measure 4-5 sones, and traffic noise measures around 8 sones. To give you an idea of how quiet this thing is… even on medium speed, it equates to a whisper. That’s honestly what impressed me the most.

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comOnto 10 of my tried and true tips if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year…

  1. Plan ahead // It makes everything go so much more smoothly and you’ll feel less stressed if you’re prepared.
  2. Make as much as you can in advance // This creates less items on your to-do list the day of.
  3. Never turn down help // If someone offers to help or bring a dish, let them! Not only does it help you, but contributing will make your guests feel great.
  4. It’s fine to buy food items // There’s no shame in buying a few appetizers or desserts from a local bakery, restaurant, or Trader Joe’s. Put them on a serving dish and call it good- every single thing doesn’t have to be homemade.
  5. Set the table the night before // Prep the table or decor the day before- it will be one less thing to worry about.
  6. Have wine or cocktails ready to go // Guests are typically happier with drinks in hand, and won’t care if things don’t go exactly as planned or dinner is served a little late.
  7. Set boundaries // Know how many people you’re hosting, who is coming, and tell guests what’s expected. If your home is a “no shoes” zone, it’s fine to keep it that way during Thanksgiving… just let guests know at the door. They’ll be respectful!
  8. Don’t forget the kids // If children will be attending, keep them entertained. Setup a table for them or have activities on hand to keep them occupied and having fun.
  9. Start a tradition // Whether it’s a specific game, an “I’m thankful for” conversation around the table, a certain movie, or the parade on the big screen – your friends & family will appreciate making special memories.
  10. Enjoy yourself // Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you should stress. This is your Thanksgiving to enjoy. You put in the hard work, so don’t forget to savor the delicious food & drinks, spend quality time with friends & family, and sit back & relax the best you can. Seriously!

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.com


**CLOSED** Congrats to Jennifer! Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! The chance to win your very own Zephyr range hood. Remember, the winner gets to select whatever model they’d like based on their kitchen and personal preference. That’s super exciting!!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow Zephyr on Instagram.
  2. Comment below on this blog post, and share which range hood you’d want in your kitchen!

Range Hood Giveaway - roomfortuesday.comI’ll choose the winner in one week (November 20th). Good luck!! I’d also love to hear your thoughts on my kitchen. Do you still like it as much as I do? The wood cabinetry is just as dreamy as I expected it to be.

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  1. The Ombra Wall hood is 😍!! Your kitchen looks amazing.

  2. Great giveaway! That Zephyr site is extensive, but I’d have to go with an under cabinet model, probably the pyramid. (I’d actually gift it to a friend who is *fingers crossed* buying her first home!) As for your kitchen, I’d have to say the cabinets are my favorite. Custom cabinets are definitely my kitchen unicorn. Now, off to plan my Thanksgiving menu…I’m behind!

  3. Kelsey Alexander says:

    We have done a lot of work to our kitchen in the 3 years we have lived in our home. We replaced countertops, backsplash, doors, windows, and are in the process of replacing our trim. We also had an amish made built in bench with storage and table. After reading your post, I think we defiantly need a new range hood! Ours is probably as old as our house 40+, sooo loud, and only used when I absolutely have too. I would go with the under the cabinet mount range hood! I really like the wall mount style but i would hate to give up my cabinet space.
    As far as your kitchen everything looks amazing! I really like the simple clean look with the unique floor design! I can’t wait to see your next kitchen remodel! 😊

  4. Brittany R. says:

    Oh wow! Thank you for offering this giveaway. I’d love to win! I think the Venezia and Ombra are particularly beautiful! I’m looking forward to following along on your next renovation project.

  5. Likely an under cabinet mount for me too. I’d love to do a freestanding one, but our kitchen is so small that it’s be hard to justify losing the cabinet space.

  6. Heather f says:

    Hi! our hood is from Lowes. We spent extra for the quietest model but it still seems to roar and rattle!!! I’m longing for one that is quiet. since we have a gas stove we have to use it many times a day.

    ours is an under cabinet model that mounts to the wall

    I had fun looking through their design page. It’s a hard choice. maybe pyramid?

  7. Emily Villejoin says:

    I love the Titan Wall Pro-Style range hood! I am planning on buying a house once my lease ends up to renovate in the suburbs (I currently like in the busy part of Houston, TX) and I love cooking. I never use my range hood now because it is so loud but I had no clue about the grease buildup.. YUCK.. I will be dealing with the loud noise for now just to avoid that problem. I would love to have a quiet one in my future new home later in 2019 when I renovate the kitchen.

  8. I love the Ombra wall range in the black stainless color; however, I think an under cabinet would be ideal for our kitchen style now until we renovated.

  9. I ADORE your kitchen. We just bought a 1950’s ranch style home that we are in the process of renovating. I’m not a designer and have no experience with updating a home so we are trying to take it slowly, but your blog has given me so much inspiration! Those hoods are all pretty amazing, but I would have to go with the Sienna. We currently have an old under cabinet hood and I’m dying to rip it out and install a wall mount. Thanks for letting us always peek into your home!

  10. Megan Andris says:

    Your kitchen looks great! I love seeing a warm white kitchen. I love gray tones but this is a refreshing change from cool white kitchens. I’d love the Ombra Wall range!

  11. Hi ! This is the first blog I’ve ever left a comment on ! I read the blog everyday and feel as though I may have found my decorating spirit animal . My husband and I bought a 150 year old house and are in them midst of renovations. We were moving slowly until we found a buyer for the home we are living in now, so we are on the fast track for occupancy on Dec. 1st. We had a tree fall on our house during hurricane Michael, but it has since been removed and we are at the renovations full force ! Ready to spend next year in our dream home! i’d love to win the be-e36as290 .

  12. Keely Willis says:

    The Siena Wall! It looks both classic and modern, and I love all the optional features.

  13. Colleen Ciliberto says:

    Well this is certainly a spectacular givaway! We are purchasing a new home for our growing family, as we get closer to our goal of adopting out second child more space seems necessary. We settle on our new home (4 houses down from our current house!) on January 3rd and will start a total renovation starting with flooring and the kitchen right away! I’m completely set on a hood insert, so how timely is this!? I would love the Monsoon DBL Insert AK9434AS. Thanks!

  14. Kimberly Vachon says:

    I am so pumped for this giveaway! Your kitchen is dreamy and I can’t wait to see what house you end up buying and renovating next (ps. we need an update on the search). I would love the Pisa Under-Cabinet hood or the Monsoon I.

  15. Becca Smith says:

    I love the Pisa Under Cabinet range hood! We have a small (read: tiny) kitchen and the fact that it has almost no visual weight is huge for us. I’ve been dreaming of a kitchen reno, so this might be just the jumpstart we need.

  16. As much as I’d love a covered custom range hood like yours, our kitchen would have to something like the Siena. I’m super intrigued by the Energy Star one!

    And, I’m down with the wood cabinets. White is always beautiful, but it’s great to see something different and definitely will be an on-going trend we’ll see in designer kitchens.

  17. amy gonzalez says:

    definitely the monsoon II insert. We are planning to build a new home(the land is already bought)and I have been wanting a vented hood range. We currently have a microwave non vented hood and the whole house smells like food all the time. This giveaway is amazing!

  18. I’d love the Sienna Wall Energy Star! We’re about to begin remodeling our kitchen & it would be so perfect.

  19. This is such a great giveaway! Our kitchen is TINY so we need to keep all the cabinet space we possibly can. I love the Gust Under-Cabinet hood. It feels minimal which I like. I love yours, it’s beautiful and fits perfectly in the space.

  20. Jessica Morgan says:

    I think our kitchen would benefit from the Cyclone Under-Cabinet model! We are at the studs and sub-floor stage of our house renovation and the details of a finished kitchen seem so far in the future! Your blog has been a source of incredible inspiration and motivation as we take on our foreclosure/fixer-upper!

  21. I wish I needed a new range hood, because the Zephyr ones sound amazing! I just wanted to say that I still absolutely LOVE your kitchen and am completely smitten with soapstone as a result of seeing it here. I also wanted to ask where you found that beautiful, thick wooden bowl over by your cookbooks – it’s stunning, and I’m actually in the market for something just like it. :)

  22. Ahhh this is the last thing we need to complete our newly renovated kitchen too – such perfect timing!! I think I’d go with the Ombra wall one!

  23. Oh my gosh, so many beautiful choices.
    We want to do a custom hood like you two so either the Tornado III or Monsoon II Insert would be amazing.
    I totally believe the grease stat. When combined with living on a farm (dust from gravel road)…
    I’ll leave it to your imagination.
    We can’t do much about the dust, but a range hood would help to eliminate the grease.

  24. Breonna Goodwin says:

    I’ve been eyeing the zephyr hoods and following them on Instagram for sometime! We’re doing a major remodel and costs add up so quickly it’s bananas!! I really want a built in hood this time so I’d do the monsoon or tornado! Love this giveaway

  25. I’d pick the Ombra wall hood.

  26. The Ombra hood is awesome! A gallon of accumulated grease….🤢

  27. Kathy Roberson says:

    I think I like the Ravenna the most but all the wall units look nice.

  28. Elise Curry says:

    This giveaway rocks! I’d love the Monsoon Mink insert or Monsoon I. We are in the process of planning a kitchen renovation and this would be a super addition to it! I’d love to do a beautiful custom exterior for the hood insert.

    I love your kitchen and the warm wood tones are my favorite! So inspirational! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with your next home!

  29. Joanne Karr says:

    All of the hoods are rockin! i’d have to do an under the cupboard one, and relocate a microwave. Super tiny condo kitchen here. I love your kitchen, the tile is awesome. I love the little shelf under the pot holder with the tile running opposite direction. Love the sink too, and the transparent cabinet doors. We just bought a condo 6 months ago and have not done any upgrades yet. The hood would be a good start.

  30. We are getting prepped for a kitchen remodel. I read your blog to get ideas and learn about things I never new I’d even need to think about! So inspiring! I’d go with the zephyr horizon wall.

  31. Amy Drinkard says:

    I cannot tell you how weird it is that you posted this today, after being on the hunt for one all morning. We’re wrapping up our own renovation in the next few weeks, and after exhausting our appliance budget on our fridge, range, and oven, a beautiful, quiet, hood insert like the ones Zephyr makes wasn’t really in the cards for us. I have constantly looked to your blog as a source of inspiration throughout this whole process – especially your kitchen. It’s just *so* good. (I’m also forever changed by the fact that a gallon of grease can end up in your kitchen without one? SICK.) Being given a Tornado II model would literally be a dream come true!

  32. The sienna or ombra. It’s hard to choose.

  33. What an awesome giveaway. I love the Siena style!

  34. Kimmyintx says:

    Eek! Awesome giveaway! I’ve actually been looking at Zephyr ever since seeing your visit. I like the tornado because we were planning on diy-ing our venthood. Love your gorgeous kitchen!!

  35. Sienna Pro! I keep coming back to your kitchen again and again as we renovate our kitchen! Can’t wait to see the next one ^^~~

  36. The Tempest under 42” undercabinet range hood! I wish it came in 40” inches, because I have a 40” range that is all but impossible to find a 40” hood for! I love the quiet-ness of the Zephyr hoods. I am renovating our kitchen now, and winning a new range hood would be fantastic. I love your blog, and am planning on copying your fabulous outdoor pergola and fan set-up. The money I’ll save by winning the Zephyr can help pay for that outdoor fan ;-)

  37. Tamsen Donker says:

    I’d love to win the same one you have- as my dreams for my kitchen involve switching out my standard dinky IKEA range hood for a big beautiful custom vent hood 😍

  38. Kim Brown says:

    We are in the middle of a whole house renovation including the kitchen and I have been planning to do a custom vent hood. I would love to use a Tornado insert with my range hood!

  39. We are about to start a full remodel on our original 1960’s kitchen. Think bomarang countertops, yellow backsplash, orange floors and a yellow cooktop!! The Tornado II insert is exactly what I need to help bring my kitchen into modern times.

  40. Hillary T Cottle says:

    The limited edition okeanito wall hood is a stunner! Your kitchen is perfection! I’m excited to see what you do with your next house!

  41. For sure the TEMPEST. I love the lines!

  42. Well I would truly take any of them. My husband is an avid cook of all things smelly. I’m not complaining about the cooking part. Our kitchen is an exact replica of the Married w Children one and that’s not an attribute. However I would be happy to at least not smell garlic and seared fish w a lovely powerful yet quiet range hood from Zephyr.

  43. Jen Kuhlman says:

    I would go with the Breeze I or II, as my small kitchen would need to keep the cabinet. Your kitchen is lovely! How have you liked the induction stovetop?

  44. I’m leaning towards the Pisa range hood. I love how modern and inconspicuous it is! We just moved into our home and the kitchen really needs to be redone. Would love to win this giveaway!! @oldwoodhouse

  45. Megan Stephenson says:

    Love every single thing. The Breeze II would work great for my kitchen.

  46. The Monsoon Mini Insert would be PERFECT for our upcoming kitchen renovation. So excited about your move and another amazing renovation!
    Already following Zephyr in insta :o)

  47. Jessica Boyd says:

    It would be so hard to choose! But it’s perfect timing because we are getting ready to demo our kitchen in two weeks for a complete remodel and I have been drooling over the Zephyr hoods 😍

  48. Jennifer Scott says:

    What!!!??? A freaking awesome giveaway at The. Most. Perfect Time!!! Sienna Wall, Anzio Wall, or Venezia Wall. Need to further analyze though. I am just about to embark on a kitchen reno and picking out materials right now. I never ever ever win anything but I can still try! I followed Zephyr as instructed and I love their feed. All I do on Insta is follow designers (like you) because I am obsessed with design! Good luck everyone!

    1. Congrats Jennifer! You’re the range hood winner- I’ll email you with details :)

      1. Jennifer Scott says:

        Oh my gosh, truly thank you so much! Thank you Zephyr! Thank you, thank you! I can’t believe it! This is AMAZING!!!

  49. I love the statement of the black Savona hood! I think that, or an under cabinet model, would give my kitchen a more custom look it’s lacking.

  50. Brooke smith says:

    Monsoon 2 insert- I think? I’d need to do more research on inserts and range hoods! We are in the process of planning our kitchen remodel and just sent off for cabinet bids yesterday!

  51. I adore Zephyr and their hoods! We’ve been oh-so-slowly renovating the kitchen, and if I had my way, I’d go with either the Lucé or Verona wall unit. My old ‘84 contractor hood has lived a good life but reeeeeeally needs to retire, ha ha ha!

  52. Jennifer Highbarger says:

    I LOVE your kitchen! The backsplash tiles are so beautiful and I like a kitchen that looks fantastic and it also functional.
    It’s my dream to remove the microwave from over my stove and replacing it with Zephyr’s Duo range hood would be just what I need to make that project happen!

  53. Courtney P. says:

    Girl, you are the absolute best! This is a fantastic giveaway! I think the Sienna Pro would be my pick, but really we would take any of them. My hope is to renovate our kitchen and bring this range hood along for the ride! May the hood-picking be ever in your favor peeps!

  54. The Anzio Island would look so pretty above our kitchen island and has me dreaming of a beautiful slide in range. This would be the perfect kick in the pants to get our kitchen renovation underway! Good-bye anemic tiki hut range hood!

  55. Your range hood is stunning. love it. Hope we win the giveaway, very exciting.

  56. We’re still planning our kitchen, so I’m not sure if we’d do a wall mount or cabinet mounted hood…but I’d love the ombra or the pisa, depending on the route we go. Thank you for the giveaway!

  57. Cornelia Dodge says:

    I would love a 42” Tempest under-cabinet range hood! My kitchen reno is complicated because my range is 40” ! I need to put spacers on either side of the range. I am copying your pergola and outdoor fan set-up, and winning the Zephyr hood will go a long way to covering that fantastic outdoor fan you found. I love your kitchen nd the wood lower cabinets. I do wonder how you feel about full overlay vs. inset cabinet door styles. I feel like I see so many overlay doors. Thanks for your great blog!

  58. Pisa under cabinet! SO simple and streamlined. Love it :)

  59. Madelaine says:

    I love the Venezia!!

  60. Elena Kaloupek says:

    Loving the ombra wall! A hood in our little cape cod kitchen would make such a difference!

  61. I so need this! I hate laying in bed at night still smelling what I cooked hours earlier. I like the ombra and cyclone. I would love to find the funds for a custom hood with vent insert.

    BTW, I think your kitchen is lovely and refreshing in a world of sameness. I would be sad to leave it but can’t wait to see what you do with the next house!

  62. Love following your blog! I would choose the typhoon hood range;) i love the look of the stand alone ones, but I love my cabinet space!

  63. Tornado III. I am a weirdo without insta, but forwarded info of this hood to my carpenter, general contractor father who works in high end homes. Thanks for the info about the QUIET hoods, Sarah.

  64. Danielle Pounds says:

    I love how informative your posts are! I want to buy the most functional appliances we can but don’t always know what to look for.
    My husband and I have been discussing a range hood since we recently bought our first home. In fact I’ve been thinking about it so much that last night I dreamt of waking up to a hood above our stove (I am not making that up – this is really what I dream of now). We have a love of cast iron and hard sears, but our little galley kitchen doesn’t have the best airflow so a hood is an inevitable addition for us.
    I’m not sure whether we would go with an under-cabinet or wall, but the ‘Titan Wall’ and ‘Tempest I Under-Cabinet’ are both so classic and streamlined.
    I would love to win this, but thank you so much for all of your helpful posts, with and without giveaways!

  65. Elizabeth Murphy Zider says:

    I love the Tempest II Wall Hood from the Pro Collection. It would make my kitchen feel like a professional kitchen!

  66. Wowee those are pretty range hoods! We are building a tiny 400 sq ft airbnb on our property and the Tornado insert is so pretty! Who knew I could have a preference for an INSERT?! My fingers and toes are crossed for this giveaway!

  67. Jennifer Chadwick says:


  68. Lisa McFarland says:

    love the titan wall hood

  69. great tips. i like ombra

  70. donna porter says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen so a Range Hood would be perfect. There are so many nice, stylish and trendy hoods from which to choose. I think I like the Breeze best.

  71. Deborah G. says:

    I’d love their rose gold Okeanito Wall range hood!

  72. The CORE COLLECTION Hurricane Under-Cabinet hood is the one we would choose.

  73. We’re about to remodel our kitchen. It’s a fairly old house and the ceilings are only 7 feet tall. Our current hood sticks out in front of our faces as we cook so I’m really hoping we can do something really low-profile. The Pisa undercabinet hood is exactly what we’re looking for! It’s lovely.

  74. Elizabeth Rishel says:

    I’m in awe of how beautiful your range hood is! Amazing idea with going custom for the hood and adding the insert. You’ve inspired us to try the same in our home. The Tornado II caught my eye for it’s beautiful simplicity. And plus, how cool would it be to have a wireless remote for your range hood!? Who knew!

  75. Suzanne Sandbank says:

    I absolutely love the warmth of your kitchen! I’m about to embark on a cozy beach cottage Reno and the Ombra Wall Hood in Black would be a great place to start the kitchen design!

  76. Sarah Byers says:

    Such a great giveaway! My husband and I are just about to start our kitchen renovation so I’ve already been scoping out range hoods! No major demo but we are painting cabinets, replacing hardware, adding backsplash and replacing counters….and on my to do list is to create a lovely diy range hood! Our kitchen is near our front door so it’s important that we create a good first impression. That black stainless steel Ombra hood is so dreamy and I also love either the Tempest or Gust undermount options (since we do need the controls to be underneath). Happy cooking in your kitchen for however long you have still have it!

  77. Amanda Valdes says:

    The steel ombra range hood would be amazing!

  78. Carly Nales says:

    This is awesome! I would love to win the Monsoon Insert and DIY a beautiful hood cover like yours!

  79. I’d love the built in one! Can’t wait to get my kitchen renovated!!

  80. Lauren Horton says:

    I feel torn between the Ombra Wall & Pisa Under Caninet vents! We really need one, though! Currently, we have no ventilation! 😬

  81. Amanda Crandall says:

    YUCK, 1 gallon of grease a year?? Makes sense why the bottom of my cabinets above our stove have such a thick layer of grease. Ewwwww. The black Ombra caught my eye the most!

  82. Lena Williams says:

    Love your kitchen remodel. I would choose the Ombra hood. But they are all beautiful!

  83. I have one similar to their Siena, but it is definitely NOT quiet! In fact, I don’t turn it on often for that reason (unless something gets burned 😬). I really like the look of yours best from the ones on their website. 🤗

  84. Oh to have a new range! We have needed an upgrade for so long. These options from Zephyr are so beautiful. I think the Breeze || Under Cabinet is the best fit for us. It’s minimal, sleek and perfect for our kitchen. xx

  85. Kerry Osborn says:

    I love the Ombra Wall in stainless steel! We are in the midst of purchasing a home to completely renovate and hopefully start our family in. I LOVE spending as much time in the kitchen as possible cooking and baking so an amazing new range hood like the ones Zephyr offers would be a godsend ❤️ I love everything about your kitchen especially the different colored cabinetry for you upper and lowers. This has inspired me for our renovation and I am planning on blue cabinets for our lower and our island and white for the uppers with gold hardware. Can’t wait to see how your next renovation comes together!

  86. Alexa Gillenwater says:

    I am obsessed with your kitchen. We are planning on a kitchen reno in the next year or so and this would be such an awesome thing to win! I really like the Monsoon DCBL Insert. I love the look, and how quiet it would be! It is 1000000x better than what we currently have which is also CRAZY loud lol

  87. Taylor Bailey says:

    I still ADORE your kitchen and I’m secretly sad that you guys are moving because I feel like it just got finished. But also so excited for your future plans!!! I’d love a range hood insert for our upcoming kitchen reno!

  88. We just bought our first home and our renovating the kitchen! This would be a dream! I’d want a hood that looks just like yours!

  89. Geez, so many amazing ones to choose from. We are hoping to buy a new home and would totally need to gut the kitchen and I adore your kitchen. So, maybe the one you have? The tornado. I think that’s an under cabinet mount. So many to choose!

  90. Kathy Turnroth says:

    Awesome giveaway! And so many amazing ones to choose from. We are hoping a home that we found works out and it would be a complete gut and i adore your kitchen… so maybe the same one you have?

  91. Marynn Udvarhelyi says:

    We just bought a home that will probably be the one my daughters grow up in, go off to college from, and bring grandkids home to visit. We can’t wait to renovate the kitchen to create a space for our family and guests to feel at home. Kitchen smells are my pet peace but vent fan noise is an even bigger annoyance, so based on your review, I’d go with the one you used because you say it handles both nicely. And I’m so glad you shed light on this product because I think it’s possibly an overlooked detail by so many but SO important to enjoying cooking!

  92. Karyn Haley says:

    We love Zepher! I need a ceiling flush mount model for installation over my kitchen island, please! 😊

  93. Dora Barvir says:

    I would love any Zephyr range hood! The microwave just doesn’t pull the grease and smoke out! And yours looks amazing! ❤️🤞🏻

  94. You have a beautiful kitchen! I especially like the sink. Also, Thanks for doing a giveaway! My wife and I just moved into our first house and we desperately need a hood. We both like the Siena Pro Wall 36″ (ZSP-E36BS).

  95. Marcie Newill says:

    Monsoon or tornado insert with custom exterior 😍👌🏼.

  96. Katherine says:

    The Ombra wall range hood would look AMAZING in my kitchen! I’m in the gutting process so I have a clean slate to work with. I’m so upset the tile floor in your kitchen has been discontinued, trying too look for a similar style!

  97. Mandi Gomez says:

    Sienna Wall energy star ⭐️Love your custom range hood exterior you designed!

  98. I love how much warmth the added hood adds to your kitchen! It looks fabulous as always!
    I would choose the Ombra in black as well- so sleek!

  99. Perfect timing for this giveaway, I’ve been thinking about replacing our microwave with a range hood! I’d probably go with the tornado II insert too!

    1. Kalen Cordova says:

      What an amazing giveaway! I love zephyr hoods!! I would be so happy to have the tornado II insert. We are starting a complete kitchen remodel and it would be perfect for my vision! : )

  100. Great product and giveaway! I would use the zephyr monsoon II for the house Im planning to build this coming year

  101. I would love the OKeanito range, but really they’re all so pretty!

  102. Love, love, love your kitchen Sarah!! I feel like we don’t see lots of wood cabinets anymore and yours are so dreamy. Since my partner and I will be renovating our condo soon, my dream would be a custom hood like yours. The Toronado II is perfection. Thanks for all these tips and for this giveaway xx

  103. Love this giveaway! The tornado 2 is the way to go!

  104. Rebecca karadsheh says:

    The ombra is calling my name! Our little cottage kitchen would benefit from it big time!

  105. What an amazing giveaway! We just closed on our first home today (!) and I immediately took to Pinterest to start thinking about a major kitchen renovation, it’s definitely first up on our long list of repairs and updates. All of the Zephyr ranges are beautiful, I love their sleek and modern designs! My favorite that I’d love to consider for our home is definitely the Torando II, it looks perfect for what we have in mind!

  106. Katie Casteel says:

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