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Room for Tuesday Reader QuestionsWith the redesign of the blog, and my updated personal / professional website almost ready to launch… lately I feel like I’ve been reevaluating what comes next. With an internet FULL of blogs, it’s difficult to produce unique content that people actually want to read on a daily or weekly basis, so I wanted to ask you guys some questions. I’ll make it worth your while with a giveaway at the end!

What do YOU want to see and read? What are the topics you guys are most interested in? Interiors? Food? Fashion? Do you want to hear more about my life with personal posts (maybe some Facebook Live action?), or would you rather see amazing roundups and inspiration- sort of like we’re doing now?

It’s a super saturated industry and I believe the best thing to do is stay true to myself, post things that inspire me, be authentic and realistic, but most importantly- listen to my readers. Let’s play a little game of “would you rather?”

  • See random, artistic, and inspiring images (that isn’t necessarily original content) OR brand new content that I personally style, curate, and shoot (like I’m currently doing)?
  • Look at pretty, styled images on Instagram or laugh at realistic, behind-the-scenes on snapchat?
  • See an original renovation / transformation from start to finish or view rooms by other designers with ways to get the look?

Three more easy questions for you guys that would be super duper helpful…

  • What is your favorite social media platform?
  • What is your favorite Room for Tuesday topic (interiors, food, travel, fashion, etc)?
  • Why do you follow along (get new info/ideas, pass the time, just for fun, etc)? Or how did you end up finding the blog?

Room for Tuesday Reader SurveyFor those of you who are new to Room for Tuesday… I don’t consider myself to be a “real” blogger, if there is such a thing- as in, it’s not a huge source of income and not my “real job”. I actually have degrees in design, fine arts, and art history. I juggle my own business, freelance design, and work very hard to style, shoot, draft, and edit 95% of everything posted on this blog. I do it because it gives me a creative outlet that is free of boundaries and limitations- it challenges me creatively, but also because I’ve met so many amazing people and made friends with readers along the way. Obviously, Room for Tuesday isn’t a huge blog at this point, but I want you guys to know that I always speak with my own voice and personally answer all of your comments (well- technically either myself or Jacqueline), emails, and social media questions.

I feel so lucky to have amazing readers who continue to follow along, post encouraging comments, and support my creative endeavors… especially in a world that can be little cruel sometimes- this is my happy place! Please, please, please post your comments below with feedback, so we can produce content you guys are interested in reading. Each comment will be entered in a giveaway for an awesome surprise- and it’s a good one.

PS. Kalyn and I are almost ready to take on another fixer upper (more on that later). Thank you guys times ten!! xo

Update: Huge thank you to everyone who was kind enough to comment!! Congrats to the winner this time: Kayley.

images: photography by greenbird

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  1. Hi Sarah 😊 I’m relatively new to your blog and I absolutely love it! Still have some catching up to do – which is awesome actually to dig into older posts. I love your style: going back to the questions , I think it’s great to have both : original content ( yours) as well as some inspiration ( from other creatives ) . Mostly though I would love the posts coming from YOU! That’s what makes this blog great
    P.S. Instagram is my preferred s m platform

    1. Thanks Margo! That is super helpful. Thank you for reading and for your sweet feedback. xoxo

  2. Brittany Fleenor says:

    Sarah, I’ll be honest, yours is one of the few blogs where I regularly read ALL the content and not just pick and choose based on topic. I love the variety of fashion, design, travel-all of it! I typically see your updates on Instagram, and then follow up on the blog from there. I love to see what you, yourself are doing because it seems real and attainable to me. You’re really rocking it-I’m super proud of you girlie and brag on you and pass the blog along when I can! :) Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi B!! Thanks SO much. That means so much coming from you. I really really appreciate your kind words. Love keeping up with you on Facebook- I hope wedding planning is going well :) You’re going to be a beautiful bride! xoxo

  3. amy smith says:

    interiors, diy, personal (how you spend your day, what things you’re loving, etc) are some of my favorites!

    1. Thanks for your input Amy!! xo

  4. Oksana from says:

    Oh my, I will try not to write a book – key word being “try…”. :) So, to answer your questions:

    1) I prefer original content over anything else; it’s a standard I strive for on my own blog, and it’s the one element that keeps me coming back again and again to this blog and others. I think you’re doing a fabulous job!

    2) I enjoy both Instagram and Snapchat for different reasons. I actually just joined Snapchat a few days ago (come find me @foxyoxie), and I love the laid-back, relaxed way of communicating and sharing parts of my real and unedited life. It’s definitely refreshing, especially when compared to Instagram’s carefully styled feeds. I would be delighted to follow you; what’s your username?

    3) I find original projects far more inspiring than roundup posts on recreating other designers’ work. I love your clean aesthetic, so your creations that I’ve seen so far have been right up my alley, and I can’t wait to see what else you dream up – especially with the new place!

    4) My favorite social media platform is a toss-up between Instagram and Snapchat.

    5) My favorite RFT topic(s) are interiors and travel – it’s the two most prominent topics I blog about and enjoy connecting over with others.

    6) I first discovered your blog when looking for ideas on refinishing vintage cantilever chairs, and your super cute dining room came up in my Pinterest search. As I continued reading your blog, I was ecstatic to discover just how many similarities we have between us! We’re both graphic designers, our husbands work in finance, you and Kalyn remodeled a fixer-upper – which my husband and I are currently doing… and so on and so forth. RFT has quickly become one of my all-time favorite blogs to follow, and I’m excited to follow you on your journey!

    1. Wow!! Thanks for the detailed answers and sweet compliments, lady. I SO appreciate you taking the time to do that… we do have a ton in common :) My snapchat is sar.gibs … xoxo

  5. I am pretty new to your blog Sarah. I think the things that make me come back on a regular basis are original content on what you are up to. Designs that you have done or are connected with in some way. If I just wanted to look at a bunch of pretty interiors I could go on Pinterest. Whenever I read the how to get the look for less is Magazines or online I rarely read the places to shop & price differences they post. I love interiors & art so that is what I am drawn to the most. You styling a shoot is great to see, keep up the great work! Also I like Instagram the best.

    1. As always, thank you Holly! :)

  6. I love the interior design posts and personal posts. I like seeing renovations from beginning to end. My favorite social media platform is Instagram. And I found you guys through Bloglovin’ and I love that you are in Ohio (I’m from Columbus but currently living in NY)

    1. Thanks, Alyssa! Get ready to see more renovations from beginning to end because we’re starting alllllll over on a new house soon. I’m pretty pumped! Team Ohio- although I’d rather be in NYC, ha! xo

  7. I absolutely love every thing you post on this blog. I found your blog about 6 months ago and it’s become part of my daily routine to check for any new posts! I am really inspired by your interior design and styling posts especially, but love your DIYs, entertaining posts and even fashion roundups- you’ve got great content! I especially love that you put a little extra thought into things that aren’t necessarily new- I can’t tell you how long I looked for the “perfect” list for what to stock my bar cart with- I legitimately just bought 99% of what you put on that list! I would love to see all of the things you mentioned- more how to get designer looks, how you style things etc, but I would def love a more personal look as well. On that note, snapchat is definitely my favorite. Keep up the great work!

    1. What a huge compliment, Candice! Thanks so much for your sweet words and for taking the time to comment. I really really appreciate the feedback. xo

  8. I was drawn to your blog because your decorating style is similar to mine, and I’m working on small renovations in my house. I’m pretty new to your blog and honestly can’t remember how I found it. Likely a link from another home style blog?
    I prefer your unique content. I enjoy posts on your home decorating/renovation/furniture finds, and your fashion posts.
    I would be interested to see more personal and behind the scene information.
    I love Snapchat and Instagram.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I’m going to work on show more of the “real” behind the scenes stuff… my goal this year is to make some videos happen or do some things with Facebook live. xo

  9. Lizzie @ Living Pretty says:

    I LOVE all your interiors content – you write one of my fave interiors blogs on the interwebz, and I read a LOT of them! I like your other posts too, but I kinda live and breathe interiors so those are my favourite.
    I’m all for more of what you’re already doing (original content) – not so into outside inspiration.
    I’m an Instagram fan (@LizzieLivingPretty) and have resisted Snapchat so far. And I have enough “real life” in my own house that I prefer pretty styled shots, although occasional behind-the-scenes is fun too.

    1. You guys are the best of the best! Thanks for following along and reading. It’s sort of funny to hear someone say they get enough “real life” in their own home… because I totally agree! I know a lot of people want to see the chaos and be reassured that it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, but I think that’s sort of a given. That’s where snapchat comes in handy. Ha! xo

  10. Would you rather answers:
    Brand new content as you currently produce it. :)
    I like both the styled images and real ones. It would be nice though to see both featured on Instagram, not just styled shots. #lifeunfiltered
    See an original renovation / transformation from start to finish – I find this to be the most helpful since I use this blog as a resource for updating and styling my own home.

    What is your favorite social media platform? Instagram
    What is your favorite Room for Tuesday topic (interiors, food, travel, fashion, etc)? Interiors
    Why do you follow along (get new info/ideas, pass the time, just for fun, etc)? Love your design style and seeing the transformations.

    1. Thank you so much Grace! xo

  11. Christiane Nick says:

    Sarah, you are lovely.

    Here we go…

    ◾Keep doing what you’re doing!
    ◾Look at pretty, styled images on Instagram — because I don’t snapchat.
    ◾See an original renovation / transformation from start to finish — I’ve loved watching your home transformation and I’d love to see interior work you’ve done for others (and hopefully for me someday.)

    Three more easy questions for you guys that would be super duper helpful…
    ◾What is your favorite social media platform? Instagram. It’s so easy. I can scroll through my feed and if a picture captures my attention I read the comments, from there I look at the profile and go to directed blogs, etc.
    ◾What is your favorite Room for Tuesday topic (interiors, food, travel, fashion, etc)? I most appreciate your interiors. Specifically your bathroom and kitchen posts as those are hopefully the next in line renovations in my home.
    ◾I found you, was lucky enough to work with you and to become your friend.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration and imagination. You are one talented young lady and it has been fun watching you grow.

    1. Thank you pretty lady! Not only for the feedback, but for being my very first friend here… and I’m also so glad we’ve been able to watch each other’s successes. It seems like just yesterday I was bothering you about which color palette to use for the blog launch. Ha! See you soon, I hope! xo

  12. Leah Prevost says:

    HEY Sarah, your blog is one of the handful that I actually follow. And I love it. I saw your house on Dana Miller’s blog and was instantly drawn to your style (and your dog lol) For the first question I honestly like both. Second question I don’t use Snapchat so it’s Instagram :) Third question I’d rather see original renovations or makeovers but sometimes featuring others is fine. And the last three, I mainly use Instagram, I love the any interior design post or DIY, and I follow your blog because I love your home and style as well as Jaquelines. I feel like I’m nodding my head and smiling in agreement with every post. I look forward to my notification emails Ha! And I’m pumped to know what you and Kalyn are doing next!

    1. Leah, thanks so much for your comments! Not just today, but always. You’re one of the names I look for because you’re always so encouraging and make me smile too :) It seems like comments are getting more rare as the internet becomes more saturated with blogs, so I seriously appreciate you taking the time to say hi or leave your opinion on a post. xoxoxo

  13. Hi! Love browsing through your blog for fun and inspiration :) As for the questions…..I prefer content that is your own vs. random content….I like seeing your own transformations but don’t mind seeing a ‘how to get the look’ here and there…..Instagram is my preference – there are ALOT of ‘styled’ pics out there but it doesn’t have to be that way…it’s up to the user to decide what to put out there so put up anything you want and I’ll probably enjoy it!….interior and food posts are my fav.

    1. Thanks so much, Krystal! I’m glad to know someone likes the food posts. I used to shoot food photography at my previous job and I still really enjoy styling & shooting food… and of course sharing recipes. xo

  14. I adore your blog! The layout is clean and now overcome with ads on the sidebars, thank you!!! I think I found it through a picture I saw on Instagram (my favorite social media platform) as I was searching through a specific hashtag. It caught my eye enough to click through and lo and behold, another blog subscriber was born. I enjoy seeing how you design spaces as it is similar to my own style and preferences. I think your strength lies with interiors (although I do love me a fashion post from time to time) and that’s where your contact really shines. Keep up the great work! It’s a joy to read!

    1. What a huge compliment- thanks Kayley! I try not to clutter up the sidebar and only promote products to you guys that I actually use or truly believe in. I’m glad it shows! I can’t wait to start renovating our next house… the search is about to begin. Thanks so much. xo

  15. Hi I am new here but I would love to see honest personal posts about products and things that you love and food recipes and DIYs. Loved this post! great work

    1. Hi Elena! Welcome and thanks so much for the feedback :)

  16. Hi Sarah,

    I’m pretty new to reading the blog and I love it! I check it out now regularly throughout the week, for fun and ideas. I enjoy the original content the best, because I appreciate seeing how items and rooms are styled. I just bought my first home and I love the inspiration and ideas I get from the blog. My favorite topic on the blog is definitely interiors, closely followed by food. I also love seeing the dogs pop in for an appearance! I’m not big into social media, but I’ve started to really like Instagram lately.

    Keep up the great work! Your dedication to the site really shines through!

    1. Hi Robyn, so glad I can help to inspire your own home! You sound a lot like me – interiors, food & dogs make me very happy. Ha! Thank you again. xo

  17. Sarah Hina says:

    +Hi Sarah,

    I’m not sure how/when I found you on IG but am pleased I did.
    My favorite posts are the ones you style multiple ways, especially since you use obtainable sources for me (kohls, UO, etc). This basic clothing item worn these ways, or this room styled three ways.
    My hope is that as your site grows you continue to use similar sources that I can relate too.

    As far as platforms, I like IG and Twitter. I LOVE snapchat for my personal life but haven’t found a blogger use it in an interesting way yet. I feel like they are just duplicating content as “BTS”. I’m more interested in what makes you happy, smile, feel inspired. Snap that and I’d follow you!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I’m still sort of learning how to snap, so my snapchat is pretty honest and more day-to-day things (rather than being an advertisement for the blog). I’ll try to up my game ;) Thanks for your feedback… I really appreciate it. xo

  18. Hi Sarah,

    I have been following your blog since February and it is the only blog I read on a daily basis (well, I read it via the daily email and sometimes click through to the blog proper). I genuinely look forward to receiving it. Like you, I work for myself – freelance writing and marketing – and reading your blog is a nice little time out during my day. I started an interiors blog last year to try and give me some space to do my own thing but work generally gets in the way and I haven’t touched it since September; so I really appreciate the time and effort you put into to creating great content on a daily basis.

    I can’t think of anything I would like you to change about it, just keep doing more of the same – unless of course that doesn’t feel like you anymore, in which case, change it. While ever you are being true to yourself then I think it will be something people enjoy reading.

    Instagram and Snapchat are a little lost on me, which might be a generational thing (I’m 46) or maybe that I am just a bit old school and still love to sit down and read a magazine more than anything else. So if you were to go Instagram/Snapchat only then I probably wouldn’t follow it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


    P.S. I follow it from England and I still love reading it even though most of the links are to shops I can’t buy from!

    1. Thank you, Belinda! Your sweet words made my day :) xo

  19. Sarah,
    I would rather see new content that is unique and real, but I like inspiring, not original content too! I would also rather see real content on Snapchat than styled stuff on Insta, but again, I enjoy both! Snapchat is probably my current fav social media platform. I most love reading about interiors, exteriors, and fashion (like where you got that adorable shirt your wearing!). I also love getting to know bloggers and reading about their lives in general. I read for fun with an interest (but no formal training) in interior design. I honestly don’t remember how I found your blog… likely from another blog’s Blog Roll or a shoutout! I’m so glad I found it though!

    1. Thanks, Annie!! I’m super excited to start over on a house and share the details of another renovation. The shirt is surprisingly from Kohls – Lauren Conrad collection. It was a gift from my mom and I have to say, it’s super comfortable! xo

  20. Sarah, Love all the variety! Get so excited when I see there’s a new post!
    I’m a neighbor to south in Cincy is there any chance you do in person design consults??!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I love your content! I bought my first house (a fixer upper/foreclosure) but have been slowing DIY-ing updates (after paying to have refurbished hardwood floors, kitchen remodel and new plumbing before I moved in). I have serious house envy of your home. I am more inclined to content around affordable interior design since I still have a ways to go with my house, but can’t just drop $20K on my entire wish list. I also really like when you share clothing and makeup posts. Props for posting so often! You are a blog I check regularly and I rarely have to wait for new stuff.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth!! I totallllly understand the budget. It’s taken us three years to complete our home and there are still things I would love to change. During my next renovation (hopefully happening really soon), I’ll be sure to share budget finds & details. xo

  22. Samantha McClelland says:

    Sarah, I’ve followed your blog for awhile and I love your content! I know it takes a lot of time and effort to curate your own personal style and lifestyle shoots – but I love those the most – but I’m also a fan of round ups! I love following along on snapchat – I know we make instagram into a place where we show the ‘pretty’ areas of life – which I appreciate amazing photos – but I also prefer to see ‘real life’ on snapchat!

    I’d love to see both of these:See an original renovation / transformation from start to finish or view rooms by other designers with ways to get the look?

    What is your favorite social media platform? Snapchat/Instagram
    What is your favorite Room for Tuesday topic (interiors, food, travel, fashion, etc)? Interiors
    Why do you follow along (get new info/ideas, pass the time, just for fun, etc)? Or how did you end up finding the blog? Inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much Samantha! I’m working on my snapchat game. Ha! Hope you’re not bored following along- I try to reflect my day to day routine, rather than advertise the blog… so since it’s real life, sometimes it can be blah. Thank you for following and for the sweet feedback! xo

  23. I most enjoy your interiors posts and I am so inspired by your style. I love the original content you post (I found you via your hallway on Pinterest).

    1. Thanks, Haley! My hallway is my second favorite spot in my house :) Thanks for following. xo

  24. Lisa - Lila says:

    Dear Sarah •~•~

    Happy {Almost Summer} 👧🏼
    I am a journalist with major networks, such as CNN.

    I actually didn’t have the pleasure of finding you first—You had liked one of my postings on Instagram @TopGunReporter.

    I am brand new to Room for Tuesday & I am also delighted to have found you!

    Answers to your questions:

    I noticed that you are located in Ohio. I absolutely adore the state; and previously attended a very heart warming wedding a few years back ~

    My thoughts are very fine tuned when it comes to blogging. I wouldn’t consider myself a blogging expert; however, as you have already acknowledged-The social media atmosphere is becoming more and more saturated each and every day. In lieu of this, I would highly recommend that at least three postings out of your seven weekly postings per se, should be as “unique as possible”; meaning that since you probably have more blogging experience then myself {I spend most of my time traveling}, you have more ample time to research other blogs and bloggers which allows for you to have a greater perspective on what could be deemed as “unique” in your eyes.

    To be even more specific, I think that similar to the eat locally mission to source your food locally to retain the highest and best quality food and nutrients-so too should you make a point of focusing in on the “state” city or country in which you reside. For example, I have traveled to Ohio about a half a dozen times in my lifetime {I am in my mid-thirties}, I had such a lovely visit each and every time I traveled to the state; however, I am too busy to just travel to visit on a random occasion. I would love to gain an insiders perspective on the area; as well as other cities or counties with which you personally find the most familiarity.

    This is important to me when reading or subscribing to any blog; as I can only select only a few to keep up with, as my travel is constantly keeping me on my toes. With that, “TRAVEL” specific posts appeal to me most; for these reasons.

    That being said, I, personally well… More specifically would appreciate a travel Tuesday inspired post {and it just flows so nicely when you say the words “Travel Tuesday.”

    I have recently subscribed to “SNAPCHAT”; however
    I am sounding like a ‘mmmbbroken record here … LOL … I am completely overwhelmed with travel that I literally don’t have a clue how to use Snapchat.

    It would be great to have a blogger such as yourself, run a tutorial for those of us who are shall we say’ instagrammies! I also LOVE the whole idea of “behind the scenes action”, as that is where most of the creative juices {in terms of content} manifest!

    Also, I believe that it is important to have the entire pre-Reno post-Reno documented; as the majority of readers prefer to see the whole picture.

    I enjoy watching shows such as: ” Love it or List it Vancouver”; where they give you a comprehensive insiders look on what is involved with more comprehensive types of home renovations and the unbelievable and spectacular outcomes of the work that can be done to give the home owner an entirely different spin on their current Reno/interior ideas, wants and concerns.

    I am a huge fan of uber-talented interior designer/host of love it or list it Vancouver: @JillianHarris …She is such a doll.

    Food: I am focused on “Clean eating” at the moment; and don’t necessarily subscribe to any one diet…I am primarily focused on “Paleo”, and cutting back and or {when ready} eliminating all refined carbohydrates, preservatives, and grains; while concentrating on “Organic” @LocallySourced & pesticide-free produce.

    Jillian Harris is currently on the higher end of her discovery of what it feels like to reduce your meat sourced protein intake … … you can read about it on her blog at
    I would say that my goal is to reduce my overall animal – sourced protein as well ….
    I am not really there as of yet!!

    Baby steps 🙋🏼

    Enjoy your week Sarah,

    Lots of positive radiant energy being sent your way,


  25. georgia (jorjah_b) says:

    bummed i missed your give-away, but that’s okay! just wanted to tell you that your IG account and blog are my favorite of all the IGers and bloggers I follow. i love your style, and i always appreciate/am inspired by your content. you’ve given me so many ideas, whether your original ideas or someone else’s that you share. i love the posts where you focus on one type of thing and show the many options and styles… like the daybed post you did. as for your “would you rather” questions above, i sort of enjoy it all. but given that you do have the degrees you do, i would love to see more before and after transformations that you design/style! but please don’t stop the posts like the daybed idea post you did. there have not yet been times, but there will come a time where i will buy a product that you link to. i have my eye on a daybed you featured and hope to get it, as well as the mid-century star flush-mount lamp that you have on your “SHOP” page. you have an amazing style and eye!

    as to some other questions, instagram is quickly becoming my favorite social media platform. that’s how i discovered you, actually. you either liked a post of mine or followed my account for a bit, and that is how i found your IG (which i LOVE), and in turn, your blog… which i also LOVE! so keep up that method of gaining followers, because it works!

    i love all your topics, but my favorite that you cover here is interiors! i follow along for all the reasons you listed above!

    1. Thanks so much, Georgia!! You made my night with your sweet compliments. I really really appreciate all of your feedback. Stay tuned for my next renovation, happening later this month (we bought a new house!). xooxo