Phone Cases

phone case

For you iPhone users out there, I have this weird thing with phone cases. It’s so interesting how people choose to dress their phones. I really enjoy trading mine out and shopping for new cases every once in awhile. It’s just like an accessory or handbag, and let’s face it- our phones are usually glued to us at all times, so why not invest in a cool case? Here’s a little round-up of my current favorites!

iphone cases

Bahama /  Tortoise Shell / Givenchy / Black Leather / Gold Corners / Shibori / Feather Fern / Gray Malin / Portable Charger / Geometric / Marble / Cat Case / Dahlia

phone case


Please share your phone case sources in the comments section so I can add to my little collection.

phone case

Favorites of the bunch? Let’s hear it!

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