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2018 : Year in Review -

2018 : Year in Review

I hope you guys had the very best Christmas! We’re back to reality (well almost- we still have house guests until Thursday), but I’m feeling creatively refreshed after a good, long break. It was honestly much needed, as I’ve been…


2017 : Year in Review

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Thanks for letting me take a good, long break… it was much needed. I’m back and feeling refreshed! Before the New Year rolls around, I wanted to recap the top 10 posts…

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration -
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10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

It’s time for one of my very favorite blog series… 10 Pins!! This marks my fifth month sharing Pinterest inspiration that feels most inspiring to me. Click through to see what I dug up and why I liked each…



It’s that time again… I love putting together random “Noteworthy” posts and it has been awhile, so here we go! Click through to see what’s going on, what has inspired me lately, take a trip to the salon with…