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Hello, hello! How was everyone’s weekend? I’m nearly caught up after our week away at Lake Powell, which was such an incredible time and a beautiful place to experience. Thanks for continuing to read and share your thoughts on…

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Cremone Bolts & How to Use Them

The other day in a blog post I mentioned my love for cremone bolts. I’ve actually been seeing more of them lately. It’s a timeless piece of hardware I really enjoy from an aesthetic point-of-view. I’d like to find…

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC -
interiors & styling

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve got a new Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for you today. Somehow I spaced and skipped July’s post. I knew I missed scrolling last month! This week, I scoured Raleigh (per request from my previous post)…

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Happy Friday, friends! The camper is finished and we’re hitting the road to meet my sister-in-law and her family in Montana. I can’t wait to make some good memories and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It turned out so…

My Best Travel Tips for Good Deals & Upgrades -
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My Best Travel Tips for Good Deals & Upgrades

Happy Friday, friends! Enough of you messaged, emailed, and commented requesting this post- so I wanted to get it on the calendar sooner rather than later… especially since summertime is the prime season for travel. Sure, I’ll share the…