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Artist Spotlight: Holly Young + A Giveaway!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re featuring a very cool mom, who also happens to be a super talented abstract painter!  You guys are going to love our next artist and her work. Meet Holly Young. She lives in Ontario with…

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster + A Giveaway!

I first noticed Alex on Instagram and immediately fell in love with his playful and charismatic illustration style. A few emails later and a shipment across the pond, here we are featuring his awesome work… not to mention, he’s…


Artist Spotlight: 04

During art school I took a couple years to explore textiles. I’m talking, hand card wool, spin it, dye it, and weave. I would spend hours in the textile studio weaving, silk screening, felting, dying and printing. That’s why I…


Artist Spotlight: 03

Our third artist spotlight takes the series to a 3-D level. We’re interviewing my friend and master potter, Patrick Rademaker. Each of Patrick’s pieces reflects his process. He formulates his own clay and even builds his own kilns to wood-fire each…


Artist Spotlight: 02

I’ve always been enamored with floral artwork in general, but sometimes it seems the same sort of content is repeated and often seems expected. Our next featured artist, photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey, produces stunning photographs that are anything but ordinary. Ashley’s images have a dark and…