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Outfit on a Budget: 06

outfit on a budget

September is around the corner, but temperatures aren’t dropping anytime soon. Lately, I’ve been drawn to simple and comfortable outfits. Perhaps I’m tired of my summer wardrobe, but not quite ready to begin shopping for fall fashion. I’m holding onto tank tops and soaking up the last of summer. I have completely embraced flare leg jeans; thank God they’re back! I feel like these pants were made for me. My legs have always been muscular- never in my lifetime, will I have long, stick-thin legs like my mother. Fortunately, the flare shape balances my figure and I actually receive compliments when I wear these jeans. Pair them with a wedge and you’re all set. What trend suits your body type? I’ve been anxiously awaiting flare leg pants to hit the fashion radar once again. Luckily the wait is over!

Sources: hat / earrings / jeans / tank top / necklace / handbag / phone case / bracelets / shoes

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