Noteworthy PostIt’s already time for a new Noteworthy post! So much is happening and there’s a lot to share. In smaller news, I won an original Edgar Yaegar print from an estate sale and I think the permanent spot is going to be in the guest room. I just need to convince Emmett to make time to hang that gorgeous thing. It seems like August is flying by, so I’m going to dive right in. Click through for news, noteworthy happenings, some things you might not know about me, and of course- inspiration…

First matter of biz, I’m SO excited to be nominated for an IBA (interior blog award)! I would be SO grateful and appreciative if you’d take five seconds to vote for me (if you like the blog and enjoy the content)… it’s the easiest voting process ever- one click and you’re done! VOTE HERE.

I’m also not sure if you knew this, but there’s an email signup in the right sidebar under “weekly newsletter”. While the emails aren’t exactly weekly (more like monthly), there are some perks! I hold special giveaways, share recaps & sneak peeks, and am even planning to share design resources soon- but only for subscribers. Thank you to those who entered my “secret giveaway” last week. I’m excited to announce the winner today… congrats to Lauren Christel! I’ll be mailing her some things selected by yours truly.

It seems the Utah weather has finally shifted and it has definitely put me in the fall mood! I sort of went on a decor shopping spree and gathered my favorited items for fall and cooler weather. You can shop brand new picks right here. I’m going to try to keep that section updated more often… it’s basically all of the stuff on my interior wishlist.

Speaking of fall, I hate to wish summer away because we’ve been kayaking and hiking like crazy (especially now that the backyard is finished), but I’m ready to move onto sweater weather. Bring on the hot drinks, scarves, boots, amazing candles, and all things cozy. I hate to be basic, but I’m also pretty pumped for all the pumpkin goods.

I’m slowly getting braver on Instagram these days (did you see my little ‘nice to meet you’ post?). I hate being on the opposite side of the camera- it’s just not in my comfort zone. However, since it’s been awhile, I thought I’d share some facts about myself and say hi & thank you to all of my new friends and readers out there! Here are 10 (very random) things you might not know about me…

  1. I work and live in Salt Lake City… we’ve officially almost been here one year. We moved from Ohio (see our old house here).
  2. I hate dust jackets on books. I immediately remove them before styling my shelves.
  3. Emmett (the dude behind every DIY / home improvement project) and I have been married for five years, but what most don’t know? We’re high school sweethearts- we started dating at age 15. That’s sort of crazy!!
  4. I’ve been trying to hike 2 – 3 times per week. We moved to Utah for the outdoors, so it’s time to get out there and enjoy it. That’s my exercise of choice these days.
  5. I also hike so that I can eat more ice cream. Coming from Ohio, Jeni’s is always my brand preference.
  6. Thrifting is my jam. Scoring vintage decor is sort of like gambling for me. Ha!
  7. I’m basically a grandma. All of my friends tell me this- and I’ll admit, it’s pretty true. I have old lady (lol!) tendencies. I don’t drive at night, I’m a homebody, an old-soul, and I enjoy the same activities as my grandma (gardening, cooking, restoring furniture, weaving, etc… the list goes on).
  8. Emmett and I get a new tattoo for every home we live in. It’s a tradition. For my “Ohio” tattoo, I let the artist do whatever he wanted. I had no idea what I was getting (contour art shown below). We have yet to get our Utah tats.
  9. It wasn’t until four years ago that I decided to transition from graphic design to interior design, taking the necessary steps. It seems like longer. You can see some of my work here (click “portfolio”).
  10. When it comes to our dogs… I hate to admit this, but we definitely play favorites (and so do they). Finn always gravitates toward Emmett and vice versa. The same goes for Johnny Cash and I… he’s my soul pet.

Sarah's TattooOnto more important and inspiring things…

We’re starting to plan and think about demo in our kitchen (yay!!!). That has me pinning all sorts of inspiration out of pure excitement. I also read this article and it just reassured me that I should go with colored cabinetry.

This article made me laugh and think of Jackie and baby Brown! Her nursery posts have been the cutest (in case you missed them: here and here).

willow and sageI’m also really excited to share that my DIY soap stones were published in the latest issue of Willow & Sage. If you’re interested in more beauty DIYs, you can grab a copy at Barnes & Noble. There are lots of great ideas in this issue, especially with fall on the horizon.

Lastly, this flesh toned tile has me smitten. Is it too late to redo my bathroom, even though it’s 10% away from being finished? Argh.

That’s it for now! Hope you guys have a great weekend (no posts ready for tomorrow, sorry guys). We’ve had different house guests every week (and no- we’re not an airbnb, haha), so I’m actually excited to work, hike, kayak, and play catch up this weekend. Hopefully there’ll be some relaxing thrown in there too.

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  1. Mandi Cohen says:

    JENI’S IS THE BEST. Still haven’t tried anything better in the world!

    1. 100% agree! I’m a devoted fan (and an ice cream snob). ha! xo

  2. I saw your feature in Willow and Sage! I bought it at Joann Fabrics a month ago and I recognized the photos :) I had to show my husband haha, I was like, “I know her! I read her blog!” LOL so congrats on that :) Also, I’m so ready for fall too, but we’re still having 80/90 degree weather :/

    1. Ahhhh!! :) Thank you SO much! And yes… bring on fall. I retract what I said this morning about the weather chilling out- it’s 90 today. Argh.