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New Beginnings

Sorry friends! I have completely neglected the blog for three weeks. Before I bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in life, let me say that I have learned a very important lesson: to live in the present. This is my newest goal- to let the little things go, stop stressing, and really enjoy each moment.

Image by my friend, Michelle, at Greenbird. More images from this shoot next week on the blog!

This month I have adopted a new perspective. At age 24, I’m asking myself these questions and I’ve come to find I’m not completely satisfied with the answers. Am I doing what I love? Am I making a positive impact? Am I happy with the life I’m living? Luckily, I’m married to someone who reminds me everyday that it is pointless to stress, and if I’m spending time doing something I less than love- it’s time to more forward.

A couple weeks ago, I quit my full-time design job. I don’t have another position lined up, I’m not certain what the future holds, and for once in my life- I don’t have a plan. Scary? Completely. Some may call it irresponsible, but I’m choosing to look at this as an adventure, an opportunity to figure out where I belong and what truly brings me happiness and fulfillment. It’s been a trying month of constant travel, decision making, change, and just being really busy.

Bear with me for a few more weeks as I wrap things up at my current position. I’ll be back to blogging regularly in no time, and hopefully more frequently. After all, I will have more time on my hands while I’m figuring out what comes next in this crazy life (and how to make a living). Regardless, I am welcoming the chance to take a little time, breathe a bit deeper, and soak up moments in the present. I hope you all can do the same!

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