My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks

My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks - roomfortuesday.comYou know I always try to share major sales and savings with you… I’m all about creating my ideal home within the parameters of our budget. Beginning today, it’s Wayfair’s annual Way Day Sale and I wanted to share my top picks and finds with you. This is their biggest sale of the year and it only lasts for 48 hours only. Everything ships for free during the sale and you can snag deals for up to 80% off, so if you’re looking for something specific for your home before the holiday season arrives- this is the time. Click through for my finds…

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My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks -

If you’ve been hanging around here for awhile, you already know- the majority of our patio furniture and decor came from Wayfair. I’ve actually never seen our dining table priced so low. I purchased it over four years ago, for our carport dining area for $1k. We still use and love the table (which is holding up beautifully), but seeing the $440 price tag was a WHOA moment. Don’t you hate when that happens?

My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks -

I also ordered the majority of the furniture for Laurie Anne’s bedroom makeover from Wayfair- and lots of that is on sale today and tomorrow, too. It’s a design resource I often frequent for designer pieces and budget-friendly items alike.

Click directly on my finds to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: flush mount light // 02: greek key lumbar pillow // 03: area rug // 04: swing arm sconce // 05: end table // 06: slipcovered sofa // 07: cotton blanket // 08: coffee table // 09: zebra rug // 10: cane back chair // 11: writing desk // 12: brass sconce // 13: bench with bolsters // 14: classic nesting tables // 15: monogrammed door mat // 16: art display floor lamp // 17: contrast edge chair // 18: upholstered headboard // 19: round cutting board set // 20: wall mirror // 21: nickel widespread faucet // 22: rug

My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks -

The limestone fireplace surround in our formal living room is another highly requested resource, which is also available on Wayfair… as are the swivel chairs. Personally, I like to take advantage of heavy items or building materials (fireplace surround, tile, etc) during this sale for the free shipping, which adds up quickly.

My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to pretty much everything being marked down, you can also score 100’s of flash deals today and tomorrow. I’ll keep an eye on those and will keep this post updated and add new finds in shopping sliders throughout the duration of the sale. I hope this post was helpful and saves you some time and money, if you’re in the market for anything home related! Let me know if you have questions or would like my opinion on any finds. You know I’m always happy to help in the comment section below. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Wow. I definitely would be bummed to see such a lower price on a piece of furniture I bought! And I love your outside dining table. I basically have to force myself to stop “shopping” for items once I have made a purchase, so I don’t drive myself nuts. You certainly have a knack for finding gems on Wayfair. I’m pretty sure I looked there for a doormat and couldn’t find a simple one I liked! (We can’t do a monogram because we don’t share a last name.) If I were a neutral rug girl, I would snap up that one from Laurie Anne’s. The texture and pattern are sweet. The bamboo details on that desk make it almost seem vintage, and that blue is so pretty. I hear you on the free shipping! Even though, in reality, a couple hundred dollars for transporting a giant item is reasonable, that addition to your total at the end is such a downer. You know what’s not a downer? The weather lately! Not hot. Gentle breeze. (Mostly) blue skies. Cheers to fall!!!!🍁🍂🍃💜

    1. It’s a great table (which is why it’s still around)! I can’t believe we’ve had it for so many years. It feels like I just ordered it last year. Ha! I think since their website is so giant, you kind of have to dig or keyword search to uncover the good stuff- which is basically my preferred sport. lol! Shopping for cool home stuff. Laurie Anne said she still loves her bedroom rug and it has gotten softer and better with time (makes me happy to hear that). Amen to this gorgeous fall weather! I’m so glad the blue skies are back and the smoke is clearing (although we had a fire pop up in Salt Lake yesterday). I’m excited to host Emmett’s mom this week and take her to our favorite scenic spots. We spend even more time outside when we have company visiting :) Happy Wednesday!! xo

  2. Where is the rug from in the last pic?

  3. Good morning!! You have me scouting way fair for the larger ticket items I’ve been looking for. That bench with bolster pillows is 😍😍Way beyond my price point but a girl can dream! I died over the headboard!! It’s completely out of stock (womp womp womp), but I’ll be searching for something similar. We can’t do a footboard at 6’4” Jeff hangs off of any bed, lol. I did however find this rug:
    Will it work in the bathroom? I’m tempted to go with a ruggable for the washing purposes, but this one is 😍😍. Let me know your thoughts…I’m firmly down the rabbit hole. Lol Thanks for sharing, and cheers to hump day!!

    1. Isn’t that so pretty?! I loved the bench too. That headboard sold out SO quickly. I’m sorry! I had no idea Jeff was that tall! I bet furniture shopping really is a challenge for you two. Ha! I love the rug you found. It says it is stain resistant and chenille is a durable material. You can’t beat the price! $40?! Happy Wednesday (and happy shopping) to you, Lauren :) xo

  4. Melanie T says:

    Hey Sarah! I wanted you to thank you for highlighting your picks on the great sale at Wayfair. I always dreaded shopping in stores, and even perusing a huge online website leaves me feeling exhausted. So imagine my delight when I found the small table with the turned legs that was just the right size for our 4 season porch. I had been needing that but didn’t even know it until I saw it! I feel like I hit the jackpot today with my purchase.

    1. I love hearing that Melanie! It’s a gorgeous little table :) I bet it will be beautiful on your 4 season porch. Enjoy!! xo

  5. Jessica S says:

    This is a great post – thank you! Love all your picks so much. I’m wondering if you could recommend any entryway hanging lighting that would work in a foyer (two story)…I’ve been looking forever and can’t seem to make a decision. We currently have a mid-90s gold chandelier still hanging…eeek.

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Whew! That’s a loaded question without having all of the info- so many factors going into lighting selection: existing decor, architecture, scale, existing finishes, etc. Depending on how much room you have- a pendant or chandelier seem like your best bet :)

  6. I love your carport dining table and was pondering an order myself. I just realized that the sale table shows the picture of your rectangular table; however, this sale table is a much smaller dimension with seating for 4 only. Just an FYI in case anyone else makes the mistake that I almost made. Love your blog!

    1. Yes! Great point, Tori! Both sizes were on sale yesterday (I’ll have to check again to confirm), but definitely make sure you select the right size. The square is $440 and the rectangular one (the table we have) is $799… still much less than I paid, plus free shipping- but certainly good to note the size and price difference of each. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Forgive me for being late to the post. Of all the things, your fireplace surround is the most beautiful….still! I mean, when you look at their pictures, I am surprised you didn’t scroll past. Love love your fireplace surround…mmm!
    I try to get things for our house when Wayfair has a sale. In this case, we need some new ceiling fans. Unfortunately, the ones I want are sold out but I will keep waiting till they come back…fingers crossed. When I saw the Giacinto olive/charcoal rug and price, I pulled the trigger and bought the runner for our kitchen. I love these rugs and the colors are so us!
    Tables, dressers, buffets with beautiful legs are my weakness! The Vlissingen end table and Beedeville nesting tables are my favorites that you shared.
    Wayfair has so much and it can be daunting. I have learned to create ‘lists or loves’ on their site so that I am not always searching or having to keep up with what I liked.
    Enjoyed your picks as always Sarah. Have a great weekend with family.

    1. No apology needed, Danna :) I do love our fireplace surround… thank you! Crossing my fingers the fan you want comes back in stock and is on sale again soon. I love that rug! The colors are beautiful and I bet it will be stunning in your kitchen. Wayfair really can be daunting- I think because the amount of products they have (you really have to spend time digging), but your tip on creating the lists is such a good one! I create product lists too, and find those to be very helpful when I’m ready to shop or things go on sale. We’re having a wonderful time with family- thanks so much! Hope you have a lovely week ahead! xo