My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett’s Too!)

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comSince we hit a milestone this week, I’ve been feeling nostalgic and have spent time sifting through the Room for Tuesday archives. As Emmett and I were eating dinner yesterday, I asked him what project has been his favorite so far. We came up with a lot and eventually narrowed it down to our favorite room reveals. I asked if he had to choose five favorite rooms we’ve renovated, which ones would they be? Interested to see my picks and his? Click through and take a little trip down memory lane with me! Spoiler alert… our current kitchen made both of our lists. I promised him I wouldn’t post the above image, which was an outtake for our “one year later” kitchen shoot, but that’s what he gets for goofing around. Haha!! 

Sarah’s Favorite Room Reveals
  1. Current Kitchen
  2. Previous Laundry Room
  3. Guest Bathroom
  4. Previous Breakfast Nook
  5. Previous Bathroom

Did you expect that list from me? I’m breaking down why I loved these particular spaces SO much…

#1 // Our Current Kitchen

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comI feel like our current kitchen is what dreams are made of. It’s a space we talked about right after moving into our home. We dreamed of what the layout would look like, the materials we’d use, and the meals we would make here together. I’m working on a post that wraps up our experience living with our renovated kitchen for one year (coming to the blog next week), but this space has certainly exceeded our expectations and the renovation itself actually went surprisingly well. Dare I say it was our easiest renovation that went according to plan?

→  check it out  ←

#2 // Our Previous Laundry Room

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comI honestly miss this space. It was small, but mighty. I packed so much function into that weird little laundry room. It was quirky, cool, and there was something unique about the way it flowed with our house… perfectly bridging the interior and exterior (between the breakfast nook and carport). This room makes me think of Finn (our giant schnauzer who passed away), which is sad because I sure miss that big guy, but I also have lots of happy memories with the dogs in this room.

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#3 // Our Guest Bathroom

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comThis was the first room we renovated in our current home and it was probably the most difficult room we’ve ever tackled. It was challenging to design, challenging to remodel, and every corner we turned led to an unexpected challenge. It was an uphill battle, but I have to say- it turned out to be so beautiful! I think the struggles we encountered with this space have made us a little nervous to tackle our master bath someday. Hah! It’s so pretty though.

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#4 // Our Previous Breakfast Nook

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comThe more I think about it… the more I think this was my VERY favorite spot in our previous home. This breakfast nook turned out exactly as I had envisioned. From the semi custom table to the vintage dining chairs and the charming banquette with the bench seat cushion, I truly loved enjoying this space during our time in that home. It was a vignette that felt very balanced and calming.

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#5 // Our Previous Bathroom

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comLast on my list, our previous bathroom. I think this one is special to me because it was a tricky room to design. The before images are insane and we lived with the “before” bath for over a year prior to renovating. Multiple friends and family members who visited pre renovation couldn’t fathom how we would improve the space- it seemed absolutely hopeless. I pulled out every design trick I had to bring this space together and make it feel larger than it actually was. In the end, it was a good bath. It was our one and only bath- and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

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Emmett’s Favorite Room Reveals
  1. Previous Kitchen
  2. Formal Living Room
  3. Bungalow Bath
  4. Current Kitchen
  5. Basement Bath

Ready to review Emmett’s list? Are those the spaces you expected him to choose? I have to say- I was kind of surprised.

#1 // Our Previous Kitchen

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comI knew this kitchen would make his list! I designed the cabinetry and he had them manufactured at his work. Everything about this space was totally custom. Emmett was actually the one who requested natural wood cabinets and I’m really happy we went that route. He also asked for modern appliances and a slick, induction cooktop. Surviving this kitchen renovation nearly broke us (haha, but really). It lasted SIX months. Sadly, we only got to enjoy this space in its finished state for six months before moving to our current home, but you won’t believe the before images.

 check it out  ←

#2 // Our Formal Living Room

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comThis was another room I guessed Emmett would choose. Of all our room renovations, this is the space where his craftsmanship was spot on. He is a perfectionist and any little detail that isn’t perfect bothers him. He spent a lot of time on those little details in here and it shows. His favorite features include the gas fireplace and ceiling beams. Personally, I love the built-in and herringbone floors.

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#3 // Our First Bathroom

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comThis one surprised me on his list. I’m pretty sure this was the first room we ever tackled! We started demo on this space and there was no turning back… here were are almost a decade later, still renovating. You have to see the before images. Domino featured a big article on this space five years ago. We were on a mega budget and had never remodeled a bathroom before, so this was a total learning experience. Maybe that’s why he selected this one- it’s a sentimental space that started it all. No idea!

→  check it out  ←

#4 // Our Current Kitchen

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comWe all knew this one was coming. It’s hard to not love this space. Emmett and I combined our ideas and manifested our current kitchen. I’m really proud of this one and I know he is too. It took a TON of planning, but everything went very well.

→  check it out  ←

#5 // Our Basement Bathroom

My Top 5 Favorite Room Reveals (And Emmett's Too!) - roomfortuesday.comAhhh… how could I forget this one?! I have yet to test that beautiful marble shower! Emmett tried it twice and loved it. From the heated floors that replaced CARPET in this space, to the towel warmer and beautiful vanity- this bath is really well suited for our house and such a luxury to have in the basement.

→  check it out  ←

We still have a TON of renovating to do in this house and we both agreed we’re going to be here for awhile, which has us excited for future projects. The next room reveal you’ll see from us will be the guest bedroom later this summer. We’ve got big plans for this home of ours and this feels like just the beginning! I’d love to know which room we’ve renovated so far has been your favorite?

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  1. I love the first picture of you guys! Okay, now I’ll go back and read your post… :-)

    1. Haha! Thanks Michelle :) Have a great day!

  2. Of course they are all great, but your formal living room is still one of my most favorite rooms EVER!

    1. Thanks Monica! I love that room too. It was probably the easiest room I’ve ever photographed, for some reason… but one of the more difficult renovations. Ha!

  3. I can’t believe you have not tested the marble shower! Reading this post actually makes me curious if you and Emmett worry at all about wear and tear when you are renovating with the intent to sell? The kitchen came towards the end of your last renovation, which makes sense since kitchens tend to receive the hardest use, but the kitchen was one of the first projects in this house. (Didn’t you accidentally chip a countertop in your first kitchen soon after renovating? I just did that with mine a few weeks after installation. I guess I can’t have nice things. Sigh.)

    1. I know!! I need to. We don’t really worry about wear and tear. We’ll be here for awhile and want this to feel like our home and happy place. The goal is always to create and renovate spaces with good design and craftsmanship that is built to withstand the test of time- from an aesthetic and durability point of view (using quality materials, etc). Our mindset has always been this: consider resale with the materials and designs we implement, but create a place we love living to enjoy ourselves. I guess we’re renovating with resale value in mind, but not to the intent to give someone a brand new home… if that makes sense? Of course certain things will always be necessary before selling someday (paint touch up, etc), but we haven’t had any countertop chips or major mishaps here so far. I also assume that most people buying realize if they’re buying anything other than a brand new home (where they are the first home owners), they realize the space has been lived in previously. It’s all part of homeownership :)

  4. wenda scott says:

    it’s pretty hard to just pick one. But, I so love your current kitchen. All you spaces are so beautifully done.
    best regards, wenda

  5. I think my favorites will surprise you…1) Current Kitchen (I mean because really?? does it get better than that?) 2) Previous Carport- I know, probably totally shocking, but it makes number two for me because of how damn genius that entire renovation was! It gives me hope for all of the odd little corners of my house, lol. 3) Formal Living room- Emmett killed it with the millwork, flooring, and cabinetry details in this space and it truly is a gem! 4) Previous laundry room- the built in dog crate won the space for me. I will forever be looking for a spot to put a built in dog crate! Plus. who can resist the doggos?? 5) Basement bath… honestly love every detail of this one, but let me tell you, it was hard to decide on a tie breaker between all your bathroom renovations!! They’re all so good! Emmett’s list was quite a surprise, but I judged accurately with yours, haha! Fun post!

  6. Hey! Sorry I missed this yesterday (#recreating), but you know I have to weigh in. I might break the rules though and choose 3 spaces as my top favorite. Your previous kitchen/breakfast nook/laundry room totally steals my heart. All of the special details (too many to list) and the way it seemed to flow and work just wowed me. Choosing a favorite room is like choosing a favorite child, though! You love them all equally, but for different reasons.😉 (I am officially holding a spot on the list for your guest bedroom…I have a feeling it’s going to be ridiculously beautiful! No pressure.)
    And finally, thank you sincerely for that first picture!🤣

    1. GO RECREATE! Haha :) But really- I hope you’re having the best time. I still love those three spaces, too- warm, cozy, and quaint. Despite the fact that it was small, that entire area felt really functional. The guest room is *hopefully* going to be really cool. We shall see. Haha! This weekend we’re painting the shed, then the following weekend we can bounce back to the guest room. Never-ending projects over here. Happy Thursday Peggi!

  7. Your kitchens are both beautiful, but so different! Could you comment on your choice to go from induction to gas? Most sources suggest once you go induction, you don’t go back.