My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comToday I have a fun, budget friendly spring & summer decor roundup for you! It has been almost a year since I’ve shared a Best of H&M Home post, but to be fair- I kind of got out of the routine of shopping for accessories & decor online since we opened the Tuesday Made shop. I hadn’t been on their site in ages, but had some time to peruse and thought it would be worthwhile to share some of my top picks for spring and the summer season ahead. H&M Home is always a great resource for budget friendly decor and textiles. Some items can be hit or miss, but if you look closely at the materials, there are lots of lovely items you can snag for less that are actually great quality. Click through to see and shop my seasonal favorites… 

Image sources: I pulled all of the styled images directly from H&M home

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comThis time of year I’m always attracted to lighter materials appropriate for the season: woven rattan & seagrass, casual linen, lightweight cotton, etc. They give that effortless and comfortable spring & summer aesthetic.

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comIn terms of color, sage green is certainly having a moment right now and I’m always attracted to pretty blue hues- especially lighter shades once the weather has warmed… denim, chambray, and pastels. Ready to see my finds?

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my finds in the collage to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below to shop…

01: striped seat cushion // 02: woven coasters // 03: glass & marble cloche // 04: shell shaped planter // 05: large lantern // 06: jute rug // 07: muslin bedspread // 08: seagrass basket // 09: linen tea towel // 10: stoneware planter // 11: linen napkins // 12: seagrass wrapped vase

I actually decided to create two collages because I found so many beautiful things. There is another one below- just keep scrolling for more…

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home -

01: hanging basket // 02: glass bowl // 03: bottle opener // 04: marble container // 05: serving dish // 06: tulip shaped egg cup // 07: tapered candles // 08: long seat cushion // 09: knit throw // 10: metal planter // 11: large glass vase // 12: striped apron // 13: cotton terry bath towel // 14: jute runner

I’d love to hear your favorites! Do you ever shop at H&M Home? I don’t know why it’s a resource I sometimes forget about. There were lots of pretty things I was able to collect and curate this time around.

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comI think I may need a pair of those long seat cushions… they would be great for parties, outdoor bench seating, window nooks, and all sorts of unique places. I like the classic tufted detail and tassel edges.

My Seasonal Favorites from H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comWhat is your favorite type of decor for spring & summer? I love updating our heavy winter textiles for lighter options… pillows, throws, kitchen towels, tablecloths, etc. Let me know what type of roundup you’d like to see next. It could be a specific type of home item, fixture, or a curated roundup from a retailer. I enjoy curating these- I hope they’re fun & helpful to scroll through. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Good morning! My oh my! You did find a lovely selection. When I remember to check out H&M for home goods, I’m often pleasantly surprised. I feel like they hit the mod/boho look just lightly enough for my taste. I also appreciate their generally neutral palette and usually plentiful natural materials. You can’t go wrong with pretty stoneware and subtly textured cotton! From your roundup, I’m tempted by both of the lovely planters. (Although, at the moment, I’m struggling with Sunday’s leaf shredding, so no new indoor plants for me.) I was also giving that blue bench cushion a hard look! My thought was that it might make a pretty dog crate liner-minus the tassels that Jason would most certainly consume. I love the very sleek silhouette of the black lantern, as well. A few of those would sincerely raise my patio game! Thanks for the springy edit this morning! We’re currently receiving lots of much-welcome rain, so my garden and patio plans are briefly stalled. No complains though! The grass is greening, and who doesn’t love wet dog smell. Ha. I hope you are soaking up all the Hawaiian spirit and replenishing your reserves. Happy midweek!💜

    1. My thoughts exactly, Peggi! I love your idea of using the seat cushion as a crate liner- that’s smart and much prettier than the pet shop alternatives… minus the tassels, ha! Our neighbors told us it rained the entire time we were away, so I was thrilled to hear about all the precipitation. We came home to a very tall lawn. No complaints here though! Emmett mowed for the first time over the weekend and it certainly smelled like spring is finally here. We skied one last time on Saturday and put away our winter gear. I’m in full gardening mode now! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Good morning! I’m with you on forgetting about H&M Home. It’s never been a go-to, but every time I stumble across their ads I spend time perusing. I’ve always been impressed with the subtlety of their home items. Most of their pieces would do well in almost any style home-I can appreciate that. I typically update towels, sheets, and throws for the spring/summer months, but thanks to my resident power chewer that hasn’t happened in the last year- his most recent victim is my beautiful linen duvet cover 😫😫. I’m drawn to almost all of the sea grass or woven items in your roundup. #6, 8, and 12 from the first collage. #1, 9 and 11 from the second collage. The vase is gorgeous, but if I’m being honest, I’d rather spend my money on the new hurricane you have in the shop. 😍😍 I love the shade of blue on the cushion and towel- and Peggi is on to something with that cushion being great for a kennel-bound cutie. If only Rocky could appreciate a pillow topped kennel-pillows and cushions are his kryptonite! And tassels? Now you see them, now you don’t! Haha! I’ll have to spend some time of my own browsing H&M home-thank you for the reminder. Enjoy the rest of your Hawaiian vacation Sarah- and happy hump day!

    1. Hi Lauren! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m playing catch up on blog comments post vacation :) You are the sweetest for thinking of our shop. I will say- the new hurricane I picked out is my new favorite. I love it so much! I’ve got my candle burning inside it in my office right now. It’s lovely. Anyway- I’m going to bury a little secret (we bought a fixer upper camper before vacation) and I’m definitely going to shop here for towels and cheap bedding. Such a great budget-friendly resource. I also loved Peggi’s idea of the cushion for a kennel. Here’s to hoping Rocky grows out of it! Our dog Finn used to destroy any and all bedding, so I can relate. Ha! Happy Sunday! xox