My Picks from the Chairish Sale

My Picks from the Chairish Sale - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been reading for awhile now, you know I love vintage and designer furniture & decor. I’ve talked about Chairish being a great online resource for vintage in the past, and they happen to be having their biggest sale of the year right now. If you’re on the hunt for unique, designer, or vintage home finds- you can snag up to 50% off now through the 24th. I just wanted to share because I know many of you love vintage finds, too! I’ve got a giant roundup filled with my top choices packed into this post. I found so many beautiful things and I definitely placed a couple orders myself- I ended up with an ottoman, match strike, block print textiles, and more. Click through to see what I’m loving from the sale… 

My Picks from the Chairish Sale - roomfortuesday.comThe other day Emmett & I were chatting and he asked me if I thought we had more vintage items or new furniture & decor in our home. That’s a tough question and one that I hadn’t thought about previously… I’m willing to bet it’s pretty equal in our house- 50/50. How about yours? Let’s get to my top picks!

My Picks from the Chairish Sale - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source, or use the links at the bottom of each collage… 

01: block print napkins // 02: tortoise hurricane // 03: vintage brass easel // 04: brass horse // 05: ceramic italian tray // 06: italian mirror candleholder // 07: wicker console table // 08: african stool // 09: pair of chairs // 10: vintage french basket set // 11: vintage rug // 12: architectural engraving // 13: brass regency ottoman // 14: cowtan & tout pillows // 15: bistro chair set // 16: wicker lamp

I had a favorites list that was at least 5 pages long, but I tried to narrow it down to 32 of my best finds! I also tried to keep it pretty budget friendly. Some of the items on the Chairish site are pretty expensive- if you’re looking to splurge on something unique or rare, but they also have plenty of affordable items, too.

01: bouillotte lamp // 02: meadow oil landscape // 03: mountain oil landscape // 04: cheetah rug // 05: spiral twist table // 06: tufted leather ottoman // 07: vintage french catchall dish // 08: hollywood regency chair // 09: toile pillow pair // 10: vintage horse // 11: easel display // 12: rattan ottoman // 13: vintage rug // 14: antelope pillow // 15: nightstand set // 16: oak artist stool

I’d love to hear your favorites from the collages! I hope these are all still available by the time I hit publish on this post (I’m writing this as of 8pm on Tuesday evening). I’ve already had to swap some things because they sold already. Fingers crossed! Let me know if you grab anything.

My Picks from the Chairish Sale - roomfortuesday.comWhat vintage items are you currently on the hunt for? I’m looking for a coat tree for our upcoming entryway renovation, and some designer fabric to reupholster a chair… also for the entryway.

My Picks from the Chairish Sale - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone is having a good week so far! We’re getting a little taste of spring weather over here, which has been very nice. We’ve got all of our stair parts ordered for the entry and are excited to start demo on that soon. I’ll share regular updates on that room once thing are underway. Have a great Wednesday, friends! Let me know if you’d like any vintage or Chairish recommendations. I’m happy to help you hunt- just drop me a comment below!

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  1. Good morning! Oh boy. Irresistible factor=high!! I imagine containing your picks to just two collages was a trick! I love searching Chairish for inspiration and education. I think it’s a nice midway between never-gonna-happen 1st Dibs and I-might-buy-that Etsy. No matter the site, you always manage to curate such a cohesive selection. From your picks, I adore all of the pillows; splurging on designer ones doesn’t make sense for our lifestyle, but I can covet them! That green leafy leopard?! Speaking of green, that regency bench is leather! Soooo pretty. My cat, who would surely claim it as her own, would look particularly regal perched upon it. If I still needed nightstands, I would be very tempted by that pair! I’ve been really drawn to that beige-y blond bamboo look lately. The little curve on those barley twist legs almost makes them look like horn; such an intriguing detail! My favorite item though, is the vintage brass easel! Really tempted to buy myself a little treat. We were also talking recently about the number of vintage items in our house because my favorite junk shop owner just died.😢 I estimate our percentage of vintage/thrifted items to be 90-95%. Ha. The combination of our frugality, a thirst for originality and my love of the hunt is pretty unstoppable! In fact, I’ve got thrifting adventures planned today and tomorrow. (Spring break!) I’m also finalizing ideas for my raised bed area. It was 62 yesterday, so I need to get to work! Let’s go spring! Happy chocolate cake for breakfast and E’s. birthday March Madness!💜🎉

    1. Hi Peggi! It was a fun day perusing Chairish, that’s for sure! I’m excited for my vintage goods to arrive. I’ll be sure to share once they get here. It’s definitely a great mid point between those Etsy / Ebay and 1st Dibs… I’m totally with you on those mindsets! I’ve never purchased anything from 1st dibs, simply because most are sadly out of my price range, but it sure is fun to look. The pillow selection was really amazing this time around. I’ve had pillows on the brain though, as I’ve been working with me g-ma on a new collection :) I love the look of the nightstands you shared with me. I’m sending you good FBMP vibes- maybe the perfect pair will pop into your feed soon. That bamboo style brass easel was one of my faves from the collage, too! I thought it would be cute for displaying a cookbook or vintage art. I’m so sorry to hear about your local junk shop owner! That’s so sad. I love that you have so many thrifted goods in your house- talk about serious goals. Did you have any luck thrifting yesterday? Hopefully today is another great day! Happy garden planning! It’s supposed to be in the 70’s here this weekend and I can’t wait. Let’s go spring! We’ve definitely been eating cake for breakfast. Ha! xox

  2. Good selection! My eyes were drawn to the brass horse, wicker console, and the brass regency vanity stool. I have a brass vanity stool but this particular one has beautiful details. Nice oil landscape pictures, vintage rug, horse and french catchall dish in the second grouping. Peggi described Chairish perfectly…midway between 1st Dibs and Etsy! Sarah, look forward to seeing your finds from Chairish! Please post pictures for us.
    Happy Birthday to Emmett! Have a great day! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Danna! If I didn’t have so many horses in my home already (ha!), I definitely would have snagged that brass one. I love the regency vanity stool- that’s exactly where I envisioned that living. I totally agree- Chairish is definitely the mid point between Etsy / Ebay and 1st Dibs. I’ll definitely share photos once my vintage goodies arrive :) Emmett says thank you! We had so much fun celebrating last weekend and we’re hoping for dinner & a movie this weekend to conclude the bday festivities. I hope you’re having a great week! xo

  3. Oh!!!! I always forget about Chairish!! Good morning Sarah, and thank you for the reminder of this wonderful resource for vintage finds. I’ll definitely have to peruse the sale. My favorites from your roundup are #2, 3, and 4 from your first collage. That tortoise hurricane is stunning! From the second collage I’m digging #6, 10, and 16. I was able to move art around in our bedroom and it has reinvigorated the creative juices. I have found myself combing through FBMP daily, on the hunt for styling objects, pedestals, and art. The front room plans are coming along: some of the hardware has been purchased for the built-ins and we’ve narrowed down flooring options. For that space I’m looking for the perfect round, marble top coffee table, and end/side tables at the moment. Side note-I found the most incredible barley twist, drop leaf side tables but they were pending pickup.😫 I’m also hunting for a desk, but it’s going to be a tall order to fill that need. My algorithm on FBMP is so finely tuned now that it’s actually a pleasure to scroll through-your tips definitely have weeded out everything I don’t want! The hunt is so much fun now! I can’t wait to follow along with your entryway project. I know it’s going to tie right in with our current project, and I’m excited for the both of us. Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Hi Lauren! I enjoyed reading about all of your favorites :) I always have a fun time perusing Chairish! That tortoise hurricane was very tempting. I’ve also been on a FBMP kick lately, but haven’t had much luck recently. The right things pop up at the most unexpected times though. I’m super excited to hear that your front room plans are coming right along. Amazing work! Fingers crossed you can find those pieces you need on Marketplace soon :) If I see anything, I’ll send it your way! Too bad on the barley twist tables- such a bummer. I LOVE that desk you found. Let me know how the touchup and cleanup goes if you’re able to snag it. Happy to help however I can! It’s amazing how much more fun scrolling can be when the FB algorithm knows whatchya like! Happy hunting and have a great day! xo

  4. What a beautiful round up of pretty things Sarah! In terms of necessity the bistro chairs would be perfect for our huge deck that was constructed in November at our cottage. I need a dining set and those chairs would get me halfway there and they are gorgeous. The only problem getting them back to Canada. I’m pretty much crying into my sleeve right now. Ugh! Ah well, logistically it’s a bummer. If transportation wasn’t a problem those beauties would be mine. In terms of Vintage versus New I would say 90% new (though most of my new stuff are items acquired in the last 20 years or so) 10% antique as I inherited some treasures from my grandparents as well as my in-laws. I have only purchased the rug from your shop, the brass (Christmas) deer like yours and brass candlesticks. Here’s the thing, I personally would have loved to purchase more over the years but I was always so uncertain in how to add vintage furniture with new. I never had the confidence to mix as I was afraid things would look disjointed. I always admired rooms that had an eclectic vibe and I had this weird way of thinking I would need a heritage home in order to purchase antique furniture. I guess I missed out on vintage collecting but the items I do have I absolutely adore as they are family heirlooms. I certainly have learned quite a bit reading your blog regarding this topic. I have a vintage log chair at the cottage I’m currently looking for fabric to reupholster the seat and back cushions. Actually I’m getting the seat/back constructed from new as they are dust filled and cant be saved but I was thinking an indoor/outdoor fabric maybe in a ticking stripe. It never occurred to me to look for vintage fabric. I guess I could consider that option. Is vintage fabric durable enough do you think? Hummm….I have time to consider that. Anyway hope your day is going swell and enjoy the spring like weather! Yay!

    1. Hi Colleen! I loved those bistro chairs, too. I bet you could find some similar ones in Canada to avoid the shipping cost :) How exciting to be able to use the deck at your cottage this summer- that will be wonderful! I always love hearing if people prefer new vs. vintage and what their favorite things at home include. I do feel like too much vintage (that isn’t cohesive) can feel a little too eclectic for my liking- almost like walking into a thrift store where everything is mismatched. It definitely takes some practice to figure out the pairings in a way that looks cohesive and intentional. Your family heirlooms sound amazing- those treasures are the best. Your chair at the cottage will be a fun reupholster project! Let me know if you’d like a second set of eyes for fabric selections. I adore your idea of a subtle ticking stripe. I usually don’t buy vintage fabric, and prefer to stick with new- for cleanability and durability (unless it’s a natural material). I hope that helps! It has been a weird week over here- I ended up back at the doctor’s office and am trying to figure out some more health issues… the spring weather is definitely boosting my mood though! I hope you’re having a good week :) xo