My Favorite Green Paint Colors

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayAs everyone is gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d put together a different type of post revolving around “green”. You guys already know green is my favorite color and I love sprinkling bits of it throughout my home! Lucky for us, green paint is continuing to gain popularity and I don’t see it becoming dated anytime soon. If you’ve been on the fence to paint a room, a wall, or a piece of furniture green- now is the perfect time! Click through for my all-time favorite green paint colors…

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayAs you know, pretty much all of the paint in our house comes from Sherwin-Williams. I have the entire swatch library and fan book system that I often use for interior client presentations, so all of the paint colors within this post are vetted by yours truly. I looked at each and every swatch included in the roundup under natural light, as well as in low light, and they’re all really good greens… my “go-to” greens, if you will.

First up, let’s take a look at the best light green hues. I like to stick to colors that aren’t super bright or saturated- they have a more timeless feeling.

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayI’d classify the tallboy dresser in the above image as a “light green”. It adds the perfect amount of color, while still looking balanced and neutral. If you’re non-committal and are having trouble “going green”, the lighter tones are the perfect place to start.

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayMoving onto my favorite medium green paint colors, you’ll find a similar approach. None of these colors are screaming, but are rather deep and sophisticated.

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayI’d put my fireplace into the medium green category. It’s not crazy dark, but it’s also not light. Medium greens have been in my comfort zone lately. The slightly muted and muddy quality these colors possess is something I’m really attracted to.

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayThe dark, moody, and rich green hues really sing to my soul. If you’re in need of a bold pop of color, look no further! Check out my favorite dark green paints below…

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayThe first time I used a deep green paint was in the dining room of our Ohio house. Years ago, I remember being a nervous that it was too weird or crazy. After the entire room was finished, my stress was alleviated by a deep love for the dark color. Everyone who visited commented on the gorgeous color, and I knew it was a great decision. That was later affirmed when HGTV Magazine asked to feature the dining room solely because of the paint color.

These days I don’t need affirmation to know that green is a great (and my favorite) choice in interior settings. It almost reads like a neutral… navy is the same way. Long story short, you can’t go wrong! Even if you’re not 100% sold- paint isn’t permanent. That’s something I enjoy reminding people of.

My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for TuesdayCompiling this monochromatic post made me really happy! Did you find the paint colors helpful? Be sure to pin them for later if you don’t have anything to paint at the moment. Are there any other green paint fanatics out there? Any other colors I should add to the list? I suppose the Irish knew what they were doing. Ha!

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  1. Sarah,

    I’d love your honest feedback… (and help!). We own a duplex down, so our little girl (and future boy) bedrooms are in the lower level. I had originally painted the nursery “white dove” but i’m not convinced it’s right even if I do fix the lighting. I was seriously considering one of the lighter green colors. I’ve heard that if a room has bad natural the light, that it actually looks better to paint the room a warmer/cozier color. Do you agree with this? What would you think about painting a nursery in one of the colors from the “light green paint color” section? Do you think it might be “too dark”? We have a natural colored crib and blue rug (desaturated blue)

    Regardless, love these green colors you selected and even if we don’t end up using one in the nursery, I definitely want to use it somewhere else!!

    1. Hi Mary, Happy to help! I actually disagree that if a room has poor natural light, that painting it a “warm” color is a must. I think each room and circumstance is unique… there are so many factors that make a space feel cozy and inviting: furniture, textiles, decor, color palette, etc- and how all of those things interact with each other. I actually think the lighter green hues would be perfect for a nursery! You might even want to add luxe textures (like drapery, a soft rug, etc) to the space. Maybe even some contrasting art or accents… think burnt sienna / rust tones to compliment the blue and green. I definitely don’t think it would be too dark. Hope this helps! xo

      1. Hi Sarah, I’m really struggling with which color to paint living room based off a oil painting. Should I go with brown/beige in the painting or a green/sage? Wish I could send you pic of painting. Please help

        1. It really depends on the look you’re going for, Debby. I definitely recommend swatching both options to see which you like best!

  2. I’ve been thinking about painting my bathroom an olive color. I feel like this is fate telling me it’s a go. :) Thanks for the round up!

    1. 100% yes!! I think you should go for it, Jacqui :)

  3. Marie rivera says:

    Where would I get bamboo shades like those?

    1. Connie Peck says:

      Special order from Lowe’s. I have them and they are good quality. I don’t know how to attach a pic or I would. Back to the greens. I’m using seafood color in my bathroom but I really like Magolica.

      1. Yes! Special order from Lowes. I’m late on checking comments after a week of work travel. Sorry guys! xo

  4. Your gorgeous green fireplace is on Studio McGee today!! Yay!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know, Jacqui! I had no idea :) Happy Friday- hope you have an amazing weekend. xo

  5. Hi there,
    My kitchen is in the center of my house with orangey oak cabinets. There is a window in ythe adjoining dining room whuuch faces north so there is no direct sunlight. My counters are desert gold with crezm grey and gold. Can I use a light to medium green or grey with off white subway tile backsplash or is all this too dark? Thoughts?

  6. Abigail Kelly says:

    What green is used in the dining room pic? Thanks!

    1. It’s Evergreens by Sherwin-Williams! xo

  7. Yes! I have been wearing greens as neutrals for probably 15 years. It makes complete sense to me that I should be using some of these beautiful olive colors on my walls… oh where to start ;)

  8. Kimberly Watkins says:

    I am currently loving Dried Thyme, but afraid it will be too dark for my master bedroom. It gets good light and has high ceilings. Should I maybe just do an accent wall or go for it? Jade Dragon is 2nd choice, ut I love the tones in Dried Thyme!

  9. Ana Lopez says:

    Hi Sarah, I would like to paint the exterior of my house green. It is 2-story with orange/red brick across the 1st floor. Could you suggest shades that could work?

  10. Hi Sarah, I love green too. I live in a rambler and have a galley kitchen. My dining area is at the end of my kitchen and has wainscoting. My thought is to paint the upper portion of my dining area in artichoke green. The wainscoting if a neutral tan. What do you think?

    1. I typically like to paint the heavier (darker) color on the bottom… rather than the top so it feels visually balanced. Have you considered painting the wainscoting? Or reversing? Hope this helps you start brainstorming!

  11. Hello!

    what shade of medium green did you use on your fireplace? It is beautiful!

    1. Hi Claire! It’s Sherwin-Williams Olive Grove

  12. Elizabeth Nestos says:

    Hi, Sarah!! I LOVE green!! I just painted my front door a color similar to Secret Garden/Artichoke. My home is all brick and, sadly, a salmon/orange color. I intend to paint our shutters same color as front door but I’m struggling with color for garage door and trim!! Any thoughts? You seem to be a green-guru!! Anything you could offer would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

  13. I dug a little deeper because I, too, loved the color of the fireplace! Olive Grove by S-W! Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you Kathy! It is indeed, Sherwin-Williams Olive Grove :) one of my very favorite greens! xox

  14. Katharine says:

    Hi! Thanks for this great post! Can you share with me the light green color of the cabinet/dresser?

    1. Absolutely! It’s Army Green by Benjamin Moore.

  15. Hi! Would love some guidance on picking a green for my house exterior! I’m drawn to the medium greens because I love these muddy hues, but I’m not sure if it will be too dark on my tiny 1,200 sq foot single story house. Especially because our new windows are dark brown. Currently, trim is cream. Would love your advice! Thanks!

  16. Which dark green is used in that last dining room photo? Would be really helpful if the photos themselves were captioned!

  17. Hello, my home is Sherwin Williams Earth Green and were getting ready to freshen the paint up. The previous owners had the door painted a dark red (maroon) and had brown shutters. Should we leave those colors alone and refresh them or change them completely? We have a brown metal roof so I feel I dont have allot of options.

  18. I used Rice Terrace for my kitchen and laundry room, Oyster Bay for my master and Sea Salt for my master bath. Love these greens.

    1. That sounds gorgeous, Jeane! xo

  19. I Love Green!
    What is the paint color on your drawers. Im thinking of doing green on my bathroom cabinets .

    1. Me too! That is army green by Benjamin Moore :)

  20. Hey Sarah what colour paint is in the picture of wall with the roller on it? Would love to paint our main area that exact colour. Thank you!

    1. That is Army Green by Benjamin Moore, Jenn!

  21. I’m loving the greens! I’m looking for a warm dark greenish black or deep moody grey with a green undertone like rock garden, bottle green or olive garden. It’ll be on the lower kitchen cabinets and Calcutta marble counter and also looking for a modern not too yellow off white for the top cabinets. I’m looking for Alabaster as the wall color. I’m going for a minimalist Scandinavia modern look.

  22. Pamela Weiler says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Love the article….love Greens too!
    I just used Sherwin Williams Etheral Mood in my newly remodeled kitchen, pantry area, and dining room now that the space is all open. It is such an amazing color. It’s grayish with green undertones. I have cream colored cabinets, dark island and dark wood floors with a creamy base mixed with bits of browns, blacks, rust and sage / gray tones granite. It all came together using the greenish paint color!! Now, I’m thinking of using it in the living room too! Any thoughts for a coordinating color? If I don’t use the same? Thanks!
    @ Colleen, I think Etheral Mood may work for you too.

    1. I love hearing that, Pamela! It sounds beautiful :)

  23. Jewel Vecchio says:

    I love all of these colors! I need help with the darker pallet? Would you be able to provide the maker of the paint colors? Are they all Sherwin Williams? I like the darker greens for our living room/dining room area but I’m having trouble finding these exact colors in either Behr or SW.

  24. Ellyn Schill says:

    I love the evergreen color in your dining room! We have a big open space on our third floor. It has an old bar that I think would look great in evergreen. Do you have a recommendation for a lighter/medium green that would complement it for the walls? The room has lots of natural light space and it will be a casual fun space so trying to stay away from white. I have a gray sofa for the room.


    1. Thanks so much, Ellyn! We used Olive Green in our previous home (which is a bit lighter) and I really loved that color :)

  25. What warm white would you suggest for a north facing living room with an east wall painted with basil?

  26. Jon Mazei says:

    Hi Sarah, just moved into a new home and we are trying to decide on a color to paint our kitchen. Beautiful cream cabinets and trim Akard already in place. Trying to decide on a few shades of green including sage, basil, rock garden and others. Any thoughts?

    1. Congrats on your new home, Jon! It really depends on your space, the light, and the look you’re going for :) happy painting!

  27. Joanne Blackburn says:

    Omgosh you made my day today! I’ve been eyeing paint colors for a couple of furniture pieces that need an update…green is my favorite color and the tall boy you painted is my vision! Which SW green did you use on it?

    1. Love hearing that, Joanne! It has been years since I painted the dresser, but I want to say it’s Army Green by Benjamin Moore.

  28. Grace Marini says:

    These greens are all gorgeous. You have exquisite taste! Thank you for posting this. Now the hard part….picking just one (or two!)

    1. Thank you so much, Grace! Happy painting :)

  29. I just painted an accent wall in Carolina gull Benjamin Moore it is fabulous,I’m also a big fan of green.

    1. I love that one, Anna! I bet it’s beautiful!

  30. What a great post, just what I was looking for! I also was a 100% S-W girl until I moved to Europe. Now I’m designing my next kitchen and was thinking of Rookwood Jade for cabinetry, which seems more medium than light to me (It’s cool that’s actually a historical color because I’m planning to use Wm. Morris Golden Lily wallpaper). My question is this: your fireplace is gorgeous but I don’t see anywhere you naming the color. What is the color? (I can’t get S-W anymore, just plan to get a swatch and have it matched here.) Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Rookwood Jade would be such a lovely cabinet color. My previous fireplace color is Olive Grove by Sherwin-Williams! That was in our old home… I loved that color!

  31. I love all your choices of green
    There perfect.

  32. Carolyn Patitucci says:

    I used SW Houseplant in our master
    bedroom and we love it.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Such a great color!