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My Best Amazon Resources - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday! I hope your day is off to a good start. Today’s blog post is kind of a house keeping post. I hope it’s evident, but I try really hard to make the blog and my channels an easy-to-navigate place that provides helpful resources, information, product links, tutorials, and home sources. Back in January, I made it a goal this year to update everything on weekly or monthly basis for you… including my Amazon shop! When I say shop, it’s not an actual “shop” (like I would consider Tuesday Made)– but rather a collection of my favorite things and items we’ve used and loved. From furniture & decor to design books & DIY supplies… and even travel items & gear, it’s a place where I save the good stuff, things I’d like to try, and good deals. I’ve never shared my Amazon storefront here on the blog, so I figured it was time and a good reminder… if you’re ever looking for something, be sure to check there for inspiration and sources! Click through for a fun visual list, and a permanent resource for me to keep here on the blog, if you ever want to revisit. 

Just because Amazon is a retail giant, doesn’t mean you can’t find some cool handmade things, items from small businesses, and higher quality products. It’s really a mixed bag. I save things of all types… from budget finds to higher-end decor and everything in between. We rely on Amazon quite a bit in our household, but also try to consolidate packages the best we can. If you’re ever on the hunt for something particular- I’m hoping my lists will help! I’m breaking them all down below…

My Best Amazon Resources -


The items linked in the sliders are just a small preview of what I’ve saved to my Amazon shop… click on each list title to explore the full collection of what I’ve saved, if you’re interested…































My Best Amazon Resources -


If you’d like to check out more lists I’ve created and items I’ve saved, I’ll link the lifestyle (non home-related) ones below… and please let me know if you’ve discovered something amazing on Amazon that I should add to any of the lists! I’m always looking for cool things or good deals to add each month, as I update them.

My Best Amazon Resources - roomfortuesday.comFor even more Amazon posts, feel free to check out my Amazon Finds series! Every so often, I’ll choose a new item to search for. I’ve also received a handful of messages asking how to access my Amazon shop (prior to me writing this post), and I have a big button on the homepage here on the blog, titled “Amazon Favorites”. That button takes you directly to my shop, or you can enter: … feel free to bookmark it! For any purchase you make from my shop, I make a very tiny commission. As always, I truly appreciate you using my links. Maybe my lists will be helpful for your next project, whenever that may be. Regardless, hopefully it provides some inspiration and a fun place to brainstorm! What is everyone up to this week? Anything fun or notable? I need to finish my garden and get our patio seating out because our viburnum (the beautiful backyard snowballs) are going to be in full bloom this week and I plan to soak up as much outdoor time as I can. Hope you have a good day!

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  1. Good morning! Amazon is a for real jungle to search sometimes! Having a trusted storefront helps. Even though I try to buy locally, product availability is such an issue! You can find everything on Amazon. A possibly peculiar category of purchase that I make there is food related. My culinary adventures often require ingredients I could only find an hour away (and maybe not then!). Edible lavender, fenugreek, tamarind paste, black mustard seed-I’ve ordered them all. I’ve also had great luck with particular kitchen gear- different volume cookie scoops and high quality cake pans in multiple sizes. (Can you tell that specialty cooking stores are my favorite places to visit?) Thanks for keeping this resource updated!
    As for the week, my work in the backyard continues slowly…mostly because of fetch and napping in the sun interruptions.🤣 The viburnum in our area is blooming now! I may have a foraging mission in mind… Also, my lovely friend delivered a huge bouquet of irises that has my kitchen smelling heavenly. We’re definitely in the spring sweet spot here! Have a beautiful day, Sarah!💜

    1. A jungle search, ha! I like that :) It’s definitely overwhelming for me sometimes. There is just SO. MUCH. I totally agree on the food and ingredient front- when I haven’t been able to find something locally, I can always count on it to deliver the weird or unique ingredients. I’m also not going to lie- I just had to look up fenugreek. Hahah! Thanks for teaching me something new today. You backyard work sounds like a dream come true. Dogs, sunshine, naps,… when can I come visit?! Ha. Go grab yourself some viburnum from the neighbors, side of the road, wherever it lives in your area… it smells SO good right now. Our backyard is also kind of a dream right now thanks to those pretty blooms. I certainly agree that it feels like the spring sweet spot. I PROMISE to email you in the morning, so sorry it’s taking me forever. It has been a month over here. Phew! Anyway, super excited for what’s ahead! Hope you had an awesome day outside. xo

  2. I often joke about you and I sharing a brainwave, and wow! This morning I got the computer out to order those plastic shampoo bottles and more floor towels! So glad I checked your blog first. Setting up a house for the first time seems a never ending project and Amazon has come to the rescue over and over. I have been thrilled to find many a small business that sells through Amazon providing great quality with a reliable delivery method.

    Happy Tuesday.

    1. No way!! We really do share a brainwave, Paige! :) I need to order another set of shampoo bottles for our main shower, but I haven’t found the motivation to make it cute since we have yet to renovate that one. Ha! Setting up a house is definitely never-ending… our Amazon cart and wishlist was VERY full right after we moved in. It’s a tricky balance, but remember to take your time (I know it’s hard). In addition to small businesses, I also recently discovered Amazon Handmade, which is really cool! I’m going to add more lists next week, and I’ll try to share some of my recent finds. Hope you had a fantastic Tuesday! xo

  3. I absolutely love your store front! I check it when I’m looking for a particular home decor item, or sometimes when we’re looking for furniture; I’ll browse your selections for inspiration and direction. One thing you should add is some of your favorite cordless Roman shades (there’s so many options). I’ve also come across a few shops with amazing window treatments: Elrene Home Fashions, IYUEGO, ChadMade (for custom panels) and Artdix )for fabric Roman shades). I’d love for you to check them out and let me know your opinion on the quality! We’ve had a string of foggy, misty, and hazy weather, and I’ve been lazy and unmotivated with the outdoor projects. I think I’m probably going to end up doing a Yardzen, or ShrubHub situation. There’s just so much space in this yard that it feels overwhelming. Anyhow-today starts the kids in school 4 days/week (only 1hr 45 min…in the middle of the afternoon), but we have to start somewhere right?! I’m looking forward to a small break each day, and hopefully that will be the prime opportunity to get a jump on the yard! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! That makes my day :) Window treatments!! Such a great idea. I’ll start a new list with shades, ready made drapery panels, hardware, tiebacks, and all the fun window treatment things. Thank you so much for amazing tip! I’ve actually heard good things about a couple of those brands. I always rely on reviews, material, and if they arrive and it’s not ideal- the return policy is usually awesome. So much to love about Amazon! We’re finally having good weather over here, so I’m hoping your weather turns around soon. Some of my friends have used Yardzen and have really loved it! If you use either of those, you’ll have to let me know your opinion and how it goes. It seems like they do a great job! Happy back to school… even if it’s just for a short bit- I’m sure any break is a nice one for you :) I don’t know how you do it all, my friend!! Hope your Tuesday was really good. xox

  4. Your Amazon storefront is full of great finds! I reference it every time I need an idea. I’ve gotten several things from your diy & home improvement section (thank you for the rec).
    Last year if I was not on Amazon every day, then I was sick…ha, kinda kidding! We could have built a house on boxes from there…that’s no joke.
    I have found some beautiful velvet curtains and home decor on there. I can’t wait to peruse your little A store next! I am trying to save up for things we need in the future but it is so hard! There’s so much it’s an endless rabbit hole!

    1. Thank you, Danna! I love hearing that. I appreciate it! I also spend way too much time on Amazon. Haha! Saving is so tough- we’re in the same boat. It’s much more fun to buy all the things we envision for our home in the future. I can relate. Ha! I hope you’re having a good week :) xox

  5. What great finds, and I love the organization of your photos and links, and how the pricing shows up when I scroll over it. So helpful as I’m picking things out for our own remodel and I love Amazon’s return policy and have bought many options just to check them out in person.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I like things to be visually organized and functional, so I was thrilled to hear that feedback- thank you for noticing :) Exciting news about your remodel! I also can appreciate Amazon’s return policy- especially they’re convenient drop off locations.