March Moodboard

March Moodboard : Mirrored -
source : liz caan & co

How is it already March?! It’s time for another Monthly Moodboard and this one might really surprise you. This particular design palette is a total chameleon and works with ANY aesthetic, color palette, or budget for a high-end interior look. Would you believe me if I also said it makes any space look larger? Any guesses where I’m going with this or what type of furniture & decor I’ve rounded up this month? Click through to see my favorited mirrored finds, interior inspiration for using them, and why I’m guessing we’ll see more of this classic trend in the coming years.

March Moodboard : Mirrored -
source : the makerista

In addition to bathrooms and kitchens (like my friend Gwen’s backsplash, pictured above), I’ve been noticed more mirrored furniture pieces and accessories popping into my feed lately, and I’m certainly not mad about it! While I don’t own any large mirrored pieces YET, I’m making it my goal to incorporate something from the roundup in the coming year, and I’m pretty excited about it!

Ready to see what I found this month? Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop… 

01: candle // 02: mirrored desk // 03: end table // 04: mirrored ottoman // 05: mirrored tray // 06: mirrored sconces // 07: antiqued mirror // 08: mirrored nightstand // 09: side table // 10: mirrored bench // 11: regent sconce // 12: polished flatware // 13: mirrored bathroom vanity with sink // 14: mirrored etagere // 15: brass antiqued mirror tray

Do you have any favorites from the roundup? I ended up buying #12- that flatware is SO dreamy and unique. #1 is one of my all-time favorite candles. I love the look of it styled on a table- it’s a great size and looks more like a vase than a candle. I’d really like to do a mirrored bathroom vanity someday- #13. Honestly, I love it all.

March Moodboard : Mirrored -
source : geoffrey de sousa

The above image is the perfect example as to how mirrored furniture can seamlessly blend with any aesthetic. This modern office is what dreams are made of! It’s super hip, classic, but also very fun and designerly.

March Moodboard : Mirrored -
source : tommy daspit

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy backsplash idea for your kitchen or bar, I think the smoked or antiqued mirror look is absolutely stunning. If you’re interested in trying something less permanent, I’d opt for furniture or mirrored accessories for a similar effect. What do you think? Are you liking mirrored pieces or have you noticed more of this? These treatments really do make a space look so much larger. Maybe when it comes time to renovate our basement kitchen, I’ll use this for the backsplash! That’d be great in a dark, basement setting. I hope you’re all having a good week. It has been busy over here, but really good. I’m wrapping up and shooting Emmett’s office project this week and am hoping to have it on the blog next week… stay tuned!

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  1. Gah! For a second I thought you were going to do lilac, but mirrors are even better! I basically want EVERYthing in this round up. I have seen those cb2 sconces and been wracking my brain trying to figure out a place for them! That Alice Lane table? Swoon. I adored when Gwen put in that mirrored backsplash, and it’s a no-brainer for a bar. I love the mix of a metal with mirror, especially the first image (nickel?). And holy hide rug, Batman! That office? Dead. Let’s face it, my house would look like Versaille if budget weren’t an obstacle. (I’m a Leo, Leo rising; you can’t fight the stars!) Thanks for a glittery start to my Tuesday! (Hmmm, mirrored built-ins for your office???)💖

    1. I do love lilac! You’re rubbing off on me. Those sconces are SO COOL. I think a mirrored backsplash might be the perfect solution for our basement bar / kitchenette someday. It’s fun to dream. I have no doubt your house would look like Versaille- you have incredible taste, Leo Rising :) xo

  2. This one is unexpectedly unique! I like all the pieces you chose, but I must admit, I could never use them in my house because well…kids, hahaha! I’ve already sworn off glass top tables after my son broke the perfect coffee table with a drumstick a few years ago! Maybe when they’re in high school I can try this one? There is a high end appeal to all the looks you’ve shared, but you’ve got me most thinking about an antiques mirror….I’ve loved them for years and have been dying to own one! How are the bathrooms coming along? Happy Tuesday Sarah!

    1. Different, right?! I’m not sure how practical it is for homes with pets or kids, but I really love the look of it. I might feel differently if I lived with it and had to dust all the time. Haha! Maybe a sconce is best case scenario? Antique mirrors are gorgeous. The bathrooms are at a stand still. I need to finish wallpapering the powder room, and then it’s finished. I just haven’t had time. The basement bathroom is basically finished; we’re just waiting on the shower glass to be installed (by the professionals). Thanks for asking :) Have a great day, Lauren! xo

  3. While I love a beautiful mirror, mirrored furniture is not my jam as it would be too much Maintenance and cleaning for me but I can certainly appreciate it in others peoples homes. It adds the glam factor while expanding a space for sure. Vanessa from decor happy added antique mirror to her kitchen doors instead of glass a few years back and I loved it 😍 It added such a pretty element and definitely expanded the kitchen as it wasn’t a big space. I would have never thought of using mirror in that way but it really appealed to me. Have a super terrific day!

    1. It definitely has a glam factor. You know I love Vanessa… her antique mirrored kitchen doors are SO good. I had forgotten about them until you mentioned it :) Hope you’re having a good week so far, Colleen! xox

  4. I’ll pass on this one! I gravitate toward textured, matte or semi matte surfaces with an overall organic, relaxed, simple feel. Shiny things rarely make it into my house. I don’t even like the feel or sound of glass tabletops! And lastly… clutter makes me feel tight and anxious, and I find the reflections in mirrors add to a cluttered, busy feel in a room.

    1. Totally get that, Julie :) It’s not for everyone. I’m a fan of mixing lots of texture and finishes, so lately I’ve been intrigued with mirrored pieces as I’ve been noticing more of them. Have a great day! xo

  5. Well, this makes me feel better about our vintage smoky antiqued mirror wall in our entryway! I believe it’s original to our 1962 California ranch. I have a demi-lune table in front of it, and it’s fun to play with the reflection. I guess it has grown on me!

    1. Yesss!! That sounds amazing, Jennifer :) I bet it’s beautiful in person.

  6. Ah, the mirrored vanity has been one I’ve wanted for a while! Love the look of mirrored backsplashes especially behind a wet bar. I have a friend who completely mirrored a wall (think large square tiles) in her 1/2 bath that looks like mercury glass and its beautiful! One episode of Fixer Upper had mirrors on the cabinetry or hutch in a kitchen and I loved it! Yep, like mirrored nightstands!

    1. I really love it too! Your friend’s mirrored wall sounds AMAZING.