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I typically don’t post about my graphic design work or clients, but in the midst of the holiday season, I thought this would be fun to share! I’ve been working with Preen for a little over a year now (remember their window last year?). I help with their design, branding, photography, and marketing- but this post is not about me or my work… it’s all about sharing one of mine and Jacqueline’s favorite local spots! It also seemed appropriate with one weekend left of shopping before Christmas.


The timing couldn’t be more perfect because now you guys can shop there too, as they just launched their new website today! Here’s a peek into the new Preen store, which is located in an amazing mid-century building filled with the best cosmetics, gifts, and oddities. Get ready for a post flooded with beautiful images, pretty packaging, and amazing beauty finds!



Jacqueline and I wanted to shoot Preen during the holiday season so you could get a feel for just how special this place really is. Each time you walk into the store, there’s always happy, positive energy. Nicole, Beth, and Kaylyn are the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet. If you need a little boost of confidence, this is the place to go.

Aside from carrying our favorite products, these chicks seriously know their stuff. If you’re in need of professional makeup or brows, Beth has you covered. She even hosts cosmetic workshops: think super fun classes learning the latest hair and makeup trends, while sipping cocktails alongside your friends. She also fueled my addiction for the Kevyn Aucoin line; if I were stranded on an island and could take only one thing, it would probably be a precision brow pencil (sad, but true).



Owner, Nicole Gianuglou, is about as cool as they come. She has such an eye for selecting unique items you can’t find anywhere else. She’s always on the hunt for new and quality pieces to add to the shop, which is why Preen is usually my go-to spot for finding gifts. I’ve totally come to trust and love the products she carries. Plus, Nicole knows the story behind every item in the store, right down to the business owner and the small batches they produce. I think that’s pretty special!

Here are some of my favorite products (that I actually use and love):

The Haus candle collection is amazing. Of course the packaging quickly stole my heart, but once I started burning the lavender & thyme candle, it’s been one of my all-time favorites.



Aside from the uber cool Smith and Cult nail polish line, Preen started carrying these fun polishes. The same company also makes soaps that are almost too beautiful to open. I’m hoping the one with the deco print will show up in my stocking (Kalyn, if you’re reading this…).



In the center of the store sits a huge table full of gorgeous treasures. I usually like to peruse here first. Typically they have pretty jewelry and other baubles on display.



Nicole and Beth told me I needed a potion candle in my life, so of course I had to take their word for it. Guess which one came home with me? Ha!



I’m not a huge fan of candy (I’m more of a chocolate lover), but this stuff is amazing! Have you guys tried Quin candy? I mostly love it because it’s healthier than average candy and made with a few quality ingredients- without compromising the taste.


If you’re looking for mens gifts, Preen even has a section for the guys. They’ve got everything from shaving cream and after shave to soaps and colognes.


Do you guys remember our Skin An Apothecary giveaway? They’re another fantastic local company that can be purchased at Preen. I really like using the soy body wash as bubble bath.


Jacqueline picked up a few of these pretty, hand painted black and white ornaments a couple weeks ago from Preen:



Let’s face it, in the Midwest- gems like Preen are hard to come by. It has the boutique and designer feel of a store in New York or LA, with a super fun vibe. You’re not going to find anything else like it in the area. It really is like the secret beauty hangout.


Local friends, go check out this hidden gem! It’s one of the best kept secrets in Dayton. There are so many female entrepreneurs doing amazing things in our city and I enjoy supporting them; if you have shopping left to do, I hope you will too! xo, Sarah


We hope to post more of our favorite places in our “Local Love” series; if you have suggestions, please comment below!

*Images by Sarah Gibson and Jacqueline Brown for Room for Tuesday.

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