Leather Wall-Mounted Mail Catchall DIY

Leather Wall-Mounted Mail Catchall DIY

A couple months ago, I fell in love with this handy organizational piece, but wasn’t satisfied with the color. Weeks later, I was still thinking about how easily it would fit into my home, sooo I decided to make it myself. I’m sharing a complete tutorial over on coco+kelley today for this leather wall-mounted mail catchall!

Leather Wall-Mounted Mail Catchall DIY

It was incredibly easy to make… I even created a printable template for you guys (no measuring required). Aside from the cost being much less, I was able to customize the color, material, and stitch pattern by constructing it myself. Click over and check it out!

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  1. Looks great!

    One thing, though – the CB2 catchall says it’s 8″ wide, which doesn’t seem enough to handle 8.5×11″ magazines. I’m hoping this is bigger, but I tried looking at the template but it wasn’t clear how big it is supposed to be when printed out. Do you mind sharing the dimensions of the finished product and the template?


    1. Hi Morgan! The overall template is 21″ x 19″. I made it a bit larger than the CB2 version… it fits most of my regular mailed magazines (CB2, pottery barn, DWR, etc)- but not large or odd sizes (like ElleDecor). Hope this helps!! xo

  2. how did you hang it?

    1. I just put a couple tiny nails or tacks through the inside of it, mounted to the wall…